Securing Funding for Your App: Strategies for Your Business Plan

Today’s app world is very competitive. Now, you have to withstand your competitors with an apt and ever-growing app idea. Almost every genre in the online world has great apps that are working right for users across the globe. So, now one needs to have a great plan of action, with the best app idea that consists of potential to WooH!! Away the audience. 

Now, to reach a certain peak, you will need a solid backup of money. In this digital age, there are bound to be many app failures because of several reasons:-

  • There needed to be adequate funding for the app.
  • The idea had little potential to grow after a certain point.
  • The audience was not able to engage in the app.
  • The app needed to be able to impart good user experience across devices.
  • The owner needed to build a better business plan for app.
  • The app owner was not able to secure funding from time to time.

This list can be endless! Indeed, it is the best investing time in the online app world, but caution is necessary. Fundings is going to take a lot of work as there is competition that you need to face. To overcome such funding and app idea growth hindrances, you must secure mobile app development via strategic business planning.

Now, let’s look into some app funding you can avail of for different stages of your app idea.

Types of App Funding

  • Pre-seed Funding: When one needs to validate his idea or concept, such as early development stage decisions need pre-seed funding. Such a fund has to be acquired for market research, conceptualizing, developing MVP or prototype models, or building up an initial team of developers.    
  • Seed Funding: Such a fund becomes necessary when one needs to actually transform their MVP or prototype app into a more flourished working model. One needs funds to cover initial development costs, to hire more talented experts, and launch a product or service. At this stage, a startup is supposed to have an MVP app of their idea to represent their ideal version correctly in front of potential investors.    
  • Series Funding: There are different fund rounds that a startup has to go through as it progresses ahead in its SDLC lifecycle. These series rounds consist of Series A, B, and so on. Thus, getting through these rounds in front of a panel of expert investors is crucial. 
  • Late-stage Funding: Recurring funding rounds are typically obtained by large businesses that have already succeeded and are market players. Usually, the money is utilized for expansion, competing with rivals, moving internationally, and getting ready for an IPO or acquisition.

Now, after knowing about the kinds of funding, let’s help you strategize a successful mobile app development plan to obtain a great fund for your online venture.

How will you raise money for your business plan for app?

#1 Bootstrapping

It is one of the best and most known tactics. An app owner invests a sum of his pocket into his app idea. One can use personal savings or private funds to finance their new ventures. And what if you incur a loss? But what if you gain? You need to be ready for such risks. Thus, if you opt for this technique, you must have some leftover amount in your account to survive. And so, you will require a lot of backup to pull off such a funding strategy.

#2 Close friends and family

The relatives and family are the next with whom you can talk and ask for funds. This will become a case of obligation if your online venture becomes a success. So, if you are ready to take one, then do ask your close ones; they can surely be your investors for a short period. Such funds can help you to make a small app or to go ahead in marketing your services online.

#3 Angel investors

Angel investors provide financial support to early-stage entrepreneurs in return for ownership or stock in the business. These investors are usually high-net-worth people or seasoned business owners who are eager to assist potential firms and make money off of their investments.

You should consider contacting 100 accomplished LinkedIn users who are enthusiastic about your sector. You’ll likely run into people who are enthusiastic about what you do.

#4 Venture capitalists

These investors do pay high amounts of money compared to angel investors. They come into the funding picture at a very later stage when you are already successful. Say, for example, the Spotify app is now very easy for the app to rope in fundraisers and give their money back in a stipulated time frame as it already has a good user base. Thus, you must present numbers, expansion ideas, etc., in front of such investors and be alert with your creative online approaches. 

#5 Crowdfunding

It is one of the most popular app funding strategies. A user can pitch his app idea by representing it in a story or image format or via an MVP app online. This is an excellent approach to reach investment targets, but selling the app business idea demands a strong pitch. So, you better work on it before reaching out to such sites online.

On a concluding note!

Get the right investors at the right time for your evolving app idea.

To secure funding is critical, and to get along the path of success, you will need a business plan for app. Proper planning can help you out with any offline or online mishaps. 

Also, you should always go along with MVP app development or a prototype to get hefty funding. Such versions at every funding stage can help you to present your idea in a better way. Plan it out carefully, and the investors are indeed ready to invest in potential views across the globe. Invade the online spectrum with the best app and apt app funding!

Tanish Patel

Editor of App Story. For the last seven years, he has been contributing to several leading online publications, including, Appstory, Dataflow, Dzone, B2C, etc. At the workplace, he is admired for her team management skill. He is leading a team of 20-something creative writers and designers.


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