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Top 5 Most Common Factors and Aspects to Affect the Web Development Cost

Creating a website is no longer an option, it’s a necessity! And moreover, there was a time when even creating static pages would turn out to be wonderful but that’s not the case anymore. Today it’s all about creating a dynamic, robust, extremely scalable website that can offer fruitful outcomes in the long run. In fact, the moment you google the “Web Development Cost” topic, you will come across a plethora of service providers near you and across the globe. However, the only catch is you cannot pick any random company as your software development service provider, otherwise, things might work in your favor and might not.   

Now what is the very first thought that comes to your mind when you decide to conduct a web development project? It’s How much will it cost? Developing a website can be pretty tricky, it has the potential to make you spend extravagantly if you are not aware of your spending. The more you spend, the more you find the need to invest, and that’s the reason why several businesses have become bankrupt while developing a strong online presence. Also, there is no point in developing such a website which cannot be maintained afterwards and you have no funds for your core competencies. This is why it is important to estimate the cost of developing a website in advance. Fret not, the following post focuses on the same. 

Furthermore, we will be discussing some of the most crucial factors that might affect the cost of developing a website. 

Aspects that Might Affect the Web Development Cost

A website can be considered as an online storefront for your business, let’s say a business card! So can you take chances and compromise with your first impression? Of course, not! Most of the startups and solo entrepreneurs tend to work with template websites but it doesn’t last for long. 

For a better understanding, let’s compare your website to a car. Now let’s say you are planning to buy a new car. I am sure you will come across a wide range of models, variants and prices. Now why the price differs when all the models tend to offer an amazing ride? Well, it’s because of different factors or aspects such as desired quality, features, model upgradation and options. To buy your dream car, you always look for a reputable dealer.  

Similarly, to opt for a more sophisticated website, you need to hire a custom software development company. Don’t think this way that hiring a custom software development service providers means you will be conducting a costly venture. Sometimes not opting for the right professional or software developers can turn out to be more costly.   

So now we will be focusing on some of the crucial factors to keep in mind that might affect the overall cost of developing a website. 

#1 The Type of Website

One of the basic aspects that can make or break the cost of website development is the type of website. What exactly are you willing to develop? For example, if you are willing to develop an ecommerce store since it is quite a profit-spinning realm then you should not take it easy as developing a personal blogging website. For blogging purposes, you need professionals who are well-versed in WordPress and for developing an eCommerce store you need professionals who know eCommerce development platforms like Magento, Shopify, Prestashop, etc inside out. So when you choose to develop a blogging website then the cost might not be such a concern but for an eCommerce store, you might have to raise the bar. 

So yes the type of website definitely matters. However, choosing a custom software development company can be quite beneficial here. Keep a leap of faith and they will show you the right way ahead. 

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#2 Which Tech Stack are you opting for?

The next concern or aspect or factor to take into consideration is which tech stack or platform you will be choosing. As mentioned, technology keeps on evolving every now and then. And it doesn’t mean, you should go with the latest and the most expensive one available. Instead of choosing something that sounds fancy and alienated, try to make the right choice. If you are totally a non-techie, feel free to hire a reliable software development company who does offer great consultancy services as well. In addition, choose a tech stack that can be easily cracked by your hired team of software developers or else it might take pretty long to get along within the predetermined time and this surely leads to a sudden decrease in the return on investment. 

So that you do not require to pay any additional web development cost. Technology and the choice of the platform also play an important role in affecting the cost of website development. 

#3 Easy or Complicated 

The next aspect is whether you want to create a website which is easy or complex. It’s simple math, an easy-to-develop website will be cost-effective whereas the ones which are complex or complicated might turn out to be slightly costly. 

Also, when you plan to develop a website, you must think of incorporating different aspects such as images, logo designs, infographics and a lot more. In addition, how many plugins are required, is there any need for additional integrations, etc? Most of the time when conducting complex projects, there are times when the developer’s team is supposed to learn a new programming language. However, there are even times when working with known platforms, tools and technologies, software developers end up facing an unfamiliar or should I say difficult situation. 

#4 Affiliating with another site or mobile app

Now apart from plugins and tools, you can even think of integrating your development project with existing websites, and applications that offer the same bunch of products and services. So what happens when you don’t link them together? It will be a lose-lose situation. For example from the user’s perspective, he or she might update the profile in the application but won’t see any changes in the website. And due to this, you might not carry updated data and information of your valued customer leading to wrong predictions and behavior analysis. However, when you integrate everything, it definitely affects the cost of mobile app development but at the same time, it smoothens the entire management.  

 #5 SEO 

The next interesting factor that might impact on the cost of the development project is SEO. In today’s times, simply developing a website and not doing anything after could be a great sin. SEO is one such aspect that not just improves the visibility of the website but also ends up grabbing the attention of more and more visitors. SEO might seem like a costly venture but if you see the big picture then you will find it’s worth considering. It is advisable to hire a technical expert who has the potential to well-position the query result of Google in no time.  

Generally speaking, the web development cost can range from $1,000 to $95,000 depending on your exact needs and requirements. Though it’s not necessary for you to pay $1000, the cost might be less depending on how basic your needs are. A typical website can be built from $200 to $500 and a website incorporating a bunch of high-end features and functionalities can go $30,000 and more. From $2,500 and $95,000, a complex website can be developed. And the routine maintenance, and support range from $35 to $5000 per month—or $400 to $60,000 per year.  

Final Words

So yes, that’s all for now! These are some crucial aspects that can definitely hinder the web development cost. I hope you did find the following post insightful. If so, please do share with your peers and help us in spreading the word. In case, if you have any doubts or queries, feel free to mention them in the comment section below. 

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