Best 3 Examples of Content Marketing Strategies For Your E-commerce Site

E-commerce market place is extremely lucrative and highly competitive. 

Overcrowding of similar e-commerce sites and the presence of several discount delivery platforms have made the market scenario militant. Many of e-commerce marketers are acknowledging the power of good quality content marketing and developing innovative strategies to increase traffic in their e-commerce sites. The traffic load is directly proportional to the cost of customer acquisition.                                                    

A lot of people spend a good amount of time searching for things online in social media, search engines, and other platforms. Content marketing is a type of inbound marketing and it plays an important role to attract shoppers looking for online options. 

If you carefully strategize content marketing, then there is so much potential to make your e-commerce business extremely successful. Here are the top three examples of strategies if implemented and executed well, your content marketing can generate a handsome profit.

Value Marketing

Content marketers spend huge effort to build an ideal content. No matter how beautiful, eye-catching your content is, if the content does not add any value to your customers then it is of no use. Value creation is the toughest job. It is an arduous job to find out what adds value. There are a few ways to identify the gaps and to come up with value building activities.

Market Survey:

A lot of e-commerce sites play the game of discounting. In-fact there is a number of discount delivery platforms which can compare discounts provided by e-commerce sites. This process has increased the bargaining power of customers to a great extent. So, it is high time to go beyond discounting and try to understand customer needs. 

The positioning of your brand deep inside the head of the customer is a must. Now, it is up to you how you want to position it. Before you decide about your brand mantra, it is advisable to conduct market research to understand consumer behavior. Based on the research you can ascertain the target group. Conducting private market research is great but it can be expensive. 

There are several market research tools available, including Soovle, FreeLunch, Google Trends, Questback, Klout, SurveyMonkey, etc. 

Remember this initial investment can help you generate a great return. Plan your marketing budget accordingly.

Customer Feedback

Taking feedback from your existing customers is essential to improve. Another importance of feedback is the dependency of customers on reviews. Most of the shoppers decide on the reviews, they seek information from others on many platforms. One negative review has a higher impact than several positive initiatives. 

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Ask your customers about the ways of betterment. If you get positive feedback, do not hesitate to flaunt it. If not, sort out the concerns according to Critical to Quality (CTQ) parameters. Draw a project charter to analyze the gap, inconsistency, or delay. 

Competitive Analysis

 Find out the format, structure, methods are being followed by your competitors. It is imperative to understand where you stand in the market, how your brand value is being perceived concerning your rivals or fellow contestants. The secret of strategy is simply staying ahead of your opponents. Find out your strategic assets. 

Do not confuse your strategic assets with core competencies. Your strategic asset has to be unique and value-adding. In this era of cut-throat competition, almost everything is being copied easily. Involve your top management to discover the strategic assets which are difficult to counterfeit. 

Utilization of Social Media Channels

Most of the e-commerce content marketers use different channels to promote their eCommerce businesses. All these channels have to be utilized fully to increase footprint. 

Studies suggest that there are huge opportunities in several social media platforms.

These are a few proven ways to enrich your brand building exercise via content marketing-


Data suggests that YouTube is one of the best platforms for content marketing.

Have a look at these statistics: 

  • Total number of people who use YouTube – 1,325,000,000
  • Average hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute – 300 hours
  • The average number of videos viewed on YouTube every day – 4,950,000,000
  • The average number of YouTube videos seen on mobile per day – 1,000,000,000

So, investing in the creation of YouTube videos is of utter importance.  One fundamental thing while creating YouTube content is to keep the brand message in the starting, as people tend to skip.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat

Use infographics, images, GIFs to build your Facebook content stunning. Facebook ads are another way to catch traffic. Not only the creation of unique content is important, but also one must ensure split testing. Emphasize on the search engine optimization criteria while uploading blogs. SEO ranking can be enhanced by carefully created blogs. Try to engage your customers by involving them in competitions. The same things can be replicated for Instagram and Snapchat. Also, you can bring the shoppable posts from Instagram to your website using visual commerce platforms to promote and sell together.

Objection handling, after-sales query handling, maintaining the consistency of the brand image is indispensable. Support your customers by answering their queries. It can increase traffic. New ideas of the content building can emerge from Quora. 


Podcasts can help you build your brand personality. Informative podcasts can become your voice in digital media. You can gain access to celebrities, important people via podcasts. This is a way to come up with influencer marketing ideas. 

Technology and Innovation

The integration of your content marketing strategies with the latest automation and technological advancement is crucial.  A study done by Deloitte shows that those who have ordered food online has spent 26% more than the offline shoppers. 

Technological advancement is inevitable and customers are accepting new technologies with open arms. Application of Virtual Reality (VR) in applications, websites; use of Artificial Intelligence-based software is augmenting customer experience. Even print media companies are embracing the power of technology in content marketing. 

For instance, Orlando Magic increases brand awareness by sending customized emails to its customers. Furthermore, they are using Wordsmith to generate custom in-app and email messages to each of their fans, boosting fan engagement and season ticket renewals. 

You can stand out from the crowd with the help of the latest technology. There are many more examples of the use of technological innovation to boost content marketing.

To kickstart an effective email campaign, make sure to leverage a viable email finder software tool to build a qualified email list.

Wrap – Up

Content marketing strategies for e-commerce are evolving every day. 

And it is not only about playing with price points or finding out a niche market. There are several new entrants in the market and a lot of them never reaches the breakeven point. 

So brainstorm your strategic decisions thoroughly before finalizing. Make your strategies customer-centric and not about promotion and sales of your attributes. Dedicate a separate creative team builds the content. 

Optimize search criteria, use the full potential of all the channels you are using for content marketing and most importantly add value to the lives of your customers by emotionally connecting with them and catering to their needs. If you can execute only these three strategies of content marketing properly, the popularity and profitability of your e-commerce site will be sky-rocketing.


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