Are You Struggling to Get into an AI Role?

AI and machine learning have changed the employment scenario in indescribable ways.

It comes as no surprise that the current AI market is burning hot right now. According to a Gartner report, AI’s business value is estimated to reach USD 3.9 trillion by year-end. IDC states that the worldwide spending on AI and cognitive systems will be near about USD 77.6 billion by the end of 2020. The report also says that cognitive capabilities will harm almost every IT industry.

McKinsey Global Institute says that AI and machine learning can create an added value of near about USD 2.6 trillion in the marketing and sales by the end of the year. Additionally, this will be reflected mostly in the manufacturing and supply chain planning.

The AI market is bound to rise and not cease until the foreseeable future. AI professionals looking to grow their career must know that their future will excel.

Organizations are already adopting AI and its applications. However, looking for jobs might pose a challenge for skilled talents.

However, the current situation is seeing huge opportunities for individuals to wield these skills and move ahead in the AI bandwagon. But how do you choose where to find a job if there’s a shortage of talent and plenty of jobs?

Here’s an indication of a job-ad that was surveyed by UiPath, a company that works closely in developing software for robotic process automation.

This organization conducted a survey of nearly 30,000 listings from Indeed (a leading job site). The focus was made on 15 countries that geared up their search listings based on skills like AI and machine learning or for any other job role related to AI.

The result: –

Here are the countries that have the largest number of AI jobs thus making these countries the most preferred locations for AI professionals.

  • China – 12,113
  • USA – 7,465
  • Japan – 3,369
  • UK – 1,547
  • India – 1,326
  • Germany – 1,120
  • France – 763
  • Canada – 649
  • Australia – 236
  • Poland – 180

However, when the same listings and the data were broken down by jobs per million citizens, it was noted that there was a different side to it. The data has different countries that showed the top-most country with more job opportunities for AI professionals.

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Japan was the first country, followed by Israel, then the UK stood third in position.

However, for an individual looking to shift to a new country, the UK seemed to be the most preferred location followed by China. These findings are based on market predictions.

Talking of cities, these were the cities that held the most jobs in AI: –

  • Suzhou (China) – 3,329
  • Shanghai (China) – 1,624
  • Tokyo (Japan) – 1,258
  • Zhongshan (China) – 1,220
  • Ningbo (China) – 1,167
  • Beijing (China) -1,129
  • Changsha (China) – 795
  • London (UK)– 744
  • New York (USA) – 568
  • Bengaluru (India) – 566

Looking at the statistics above we can say that London beats the US for having the number of jobs. However, New York beats San Francisco that stood 12th in position followed by Santa Clara, California, and Seattle.

The awareness of adopting AI is growing but where the technology could take us is the question. For candidates looking to get ahead from the crowd must ensure their skills are updated. The candidate can take up AI certification to prepare themselves.

Today’s job market projects AI to be the fastest growing technology. Therefore, it is necessary organizations start building a workforce that has aligned themselves to stay future-ready.

According to the World Economic Forum, there will be nearly 133 million fewer jobs created by 2022. This is twice as much as the number of jobs that were predicted to be replaced by AI and automation.

Emerging jobs in AI is the real factor today!



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