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5 Reasons to Start a Mobile App Reselling Business

If you have a wonderful idea for building an application but are new to the market, one of your primary concerns would be whether or not you can earn through an application. 

In this technologically advanced world, mobile applications have become prevalent and trendy. From communicating with friends to finding jobs to making reservations to finding love, applications are available everywhere for everything. 

People spend most of their time on mobile applications, and it encourages mobile application developers to generate revenue. Below a shadow of any doubt, the mobile development industry is growing and evolving regularly. Small businesses are using mobile applications for online transactions. On the other hand, corporations are implementing internal mobile applications to make sure employees communicate with each other effectively and have access to essential documents. 

How businesses can build and turn the mobile app development in Dubai process into a reselling business? Is there a need for extensive training in coding languages or development in general? 

Reasons to start a mobile application reselling business 

High demand for mobile application development 

The first question about startup businesses is whether or not there is a demand for their products and services. With the help of functional and versatile mobile applications, we can find the feedback of customers and keyword search volumes. 

Look at various google advertisements to see how commonly people search for a few keywords like ‘Android app development ‘Hire Mobile application development ‘and more. Millions of searches come every day where brands want to have a mobile application for the functioning of their business operations.  

The business mobile application continues to grow. Well, the mobile app development industry is popular. But have you ever wondered what is in store for the future? Is there a market growth of this development process? Well yes. Before the Coronavirus period, the ‘mobile app development ‘keyword was at the pinnacle of popularity. It dipped a bit when the virus struck, but the demand is still remarkably high. 

An easy and inexpensive business to start 

When considering the factors for starting any project or business, costs are always paramount. It is essential to weigh the costs and risks of any investment and see whether or not the scales are balanced with the investment. 

Unlike many other businesses, app reseller opportunities are not expensive. Becoming a mobile application reseller clearly does not mean there is a need to invest an enormous amount of cash in order to start the business. 

By using this strategy, you will have to pay either a monthly or yearly fee for using the services ( support team, system maintenance, app publishing, etc.). By keeping this in mind, you can upcharge your clients at whatever price in order to meet your desired margins. 

Also, mobile applications can be used as a crucial part of your business schema. Just name the price for the job, resell as many applications you can, and save the money. 


One of the best benefits of using a reseller program is scaling. It allows you to grow your business in various ways. 

By leveraging this solution, you can add new products and services to your core instantaneously. This way, you can easily grow from an entrepreneur to an agency. 

Another benefit of scaling is the involvement of cost. Using reselling opportunities means you can cut the overhead and resource expenses. There is no need to hire an app development company for setting up your products and services on the application. You can do it on your own. 

Additionally, through this program, application owners can easily scale their revenue. With this app development process, you adopt a ( return on investment ) model. You can add all the features and ready-made templates for one agency price and then resell it under your agency’s brand. 

These label opportunities are one of the great ways to grow your brand, reputation, and scale your revenue to the highest degree. 

Measurement of business’s success becomes easy 

It is pivotal to create a profitable business strategy and figure out what options and strategies can pay you off later.

Whenever we talk about mobile reselling business, the most essential point is to deliver a well-functional and visually appealing mobile application to your client. 

To count yourself among the most reliable mobile application resellers, there is an immense need for you to look for metrics like application downloads, conversion rates, abandonment rates, and more. See whether or not an application’s gross revenue has increased after the launch or not. However, the kind of metrics depends on the type of application you are making. For instance, in e-commerce applications, you need to look for several numbers. In communication applications, you need to consider the feedbacks and behaviors of the application’s users. Always know if your users enjoy spending time on the application or they want to uninstall it. 

Look at the reviews and ensure to update the application whenever needed. The more you resell your application, the better your agency will get. Once you have created a large application portfolio, and your numbers start showing success, rethink your reseller programming pricing structure and escalate your prices if It makes sense to your clients. 

Entice clients by making your own ideas

Becoming a mobile application reseller means you can easily create both Android and IOS applications, and sell them at the price you decide with a reseller program. Offering attractive deals to your clients and creating deals is up to you and your agency.

Many companies do not have mobile applications because they lack experience, time, and resources. The biggest obstacle to create a mobile application is that businesses do not think they can build or maintain an application effectively. However, mobile resellers can easily eliminate those barriers with effective reseller programs. 

Well, many businesses comprehend the importance of mobile applications but they need to know that mobile applications are reasonable and simple improvements. According to many agencies, the development of a mobile application is expensive but you can adapt the price and become affordable for your clients as a reseller. 


Linda Hartley is an SEO Specialist at Tekrevol, who loves to write content on the latest topics, including Blockchain, B2B business models, application development, and much more.


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