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Top 5 Best Mobile Apps for Social Media

It is not possible to imagine social media without using the mobile apps. Today social platforms are in our pockets which helped greatly to explode the industries globally.

We have generated this list with our best social media IPhone and android apps that have changed the complexion of social media completely. We tried our best to evaluate these apps on the basis on their cultural impact, design, user connectivity and the quality of the mobile app development.


1. Facebook

There is no doubt about it when you talk about social media Facebook comes immediately in your mind. Either you are using mobile apps your browsing to your system this is the most used social media platform by any means

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2. Twitter

Twitter is the 2nd most popular social media network in the world. The thousands of millions of users supposed to use this app on a daily basis. Mainly they rely on to get the latest trends and news around the world. This platform also creates massive controversy for many individuals from time to time.

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3. WeChat

If you are still thinking that WeChat is just a simple messaging mobile app then you are the mistaken. It has now 650 million users around the world where you can interact with vast amount of users instantly. As we know that in China Facebook, Instagram and many other famous apps are block where this apps work greatly to connect with this region.

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4. WhatsApp

The people of America can forget doing SMS but WhatsApp is now connected with their life. This application users are increasing rapidly and now this mobile app is supposed to be the must have application if you have a smart phone

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5. Instagram

Instagram is a social networking mobile app made for sharing videos and photos from a smartphone. This apps also care about the latest trends #tags are used widely in this apps for connecting people altogether. In this mobile app you can connect many other social media accounts like Facebook, twitter etc.

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