The 5 best smart home devices in the world right now

Best smart home apps. Remember The Fifth Element movie, where Corben Dallas awakes, and his apartment does, too – music turns on, coffee maker brews coffee…? So, although we still don’t fly in taxies, there already exist devices you can control with simple apps. And you live in the future inside your smart home.
Check out these 50 smart home apps for your mobile devices with which you can easily control the most important things in your home. We sorted them out in a way that you can find applications which control several devices in the top of the article, and those which manage only one – in the bottom of the article.

1) Nest

Features: This application works with various devices – Nest Learning Thermostat, Nest Cam, Dropcam, Nest Protect. It means that you choose the temperature in your smart home, you always know what is happening there and it is always protected. The app sends you notifications so you can monitor any changes in the house.
Pros: Every member of your family can have their own account, you don’t have to share passwords anymore.
Cons: The same alert sound for every device. Away/home option doesn’t always work.
Price: free. Available for: Android/iOS

2) Kasa

Features: It helps you control all your connected TP-LINK Smart Home devices no matter where you are – at home or on a vacation on Bora Bora. You can set your appliances to turn on and off according to your schedule 24/7, 365 days a year.
There is a great option to turn off the lights using countdown. It works incredibly with young children! You don’t have to force them to go to sleep anymore, they perceive it as a game!
Pros: Very easy to use. Away Mode works well.
Cons: Can handle only a few on/off events at a time.
Price: free.  Available for: Android/iOS

3) Stringify

Features: The award-winning app. It has a user-friendly interface, it controls locks, lights, temperature and a lot more in a way that you can save money and feel safe and relaxed in your house. How many times did it happen when you forgot whether you had switched off the lights or not? Or left the front door unlocked? Quite often? Well, you don’t have to worry about such things anymore! Use this app for monitoring everything in your house and stay calm.
Pros: Supports more than 500 products and services.
Cons: Available only for iOS.
Price: free Available for: iOS


Features: Cameras, locks and alarm system are controlled by just one application.
Among many possibilities of this app you can find good ones for movie lovers. Just make yourself comfortable in an armchair and enjoy. With the help of MYCiTY LiTE you can draw the curtains, dim the lights and watch your favourite films. In the end of the movie the lights will be softly switched on and the blinds will take their initial place.
Pros: It is an official app for MYCiTY Smart Home.
Cons: There are not many users.
Price: free. Available for: Android/iOS

5) Vivint Smart Home

Features: Another app that helps you to control a variety of devices (security cameras, smart thermostat, door and window sensors, smoke detectors etc.). Sends you notifications if you forget to lock the front or garage doors. You can even speak with your visitor from anywhere with Vivint Doorbell Camera! Or check whether it’s a pizza delivery man or someone uninvited is knocking on your door.
Pros: Good security system. No problems watching recordings from indoor cameras.
Cons: There are sometimes crashes when viewing doorbell camera. Not a very good customer service.
Price: free. Available for: Android/iOS

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