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Popular To-Do App Wunderlist Shutting Down, Here Are 5 Fantastic Alternatives

Big companies have the habit of taking over popular startups and branding their own names on them. This has happened to a lot of upcoming companies and apps and the same has happened to yet another popular app, Wunderlist. Those of you who don’t know about Wunderlist, it is a cloud-based task management app whose first version came out in 2011. Seeing the popularity of the app, Microsoft bought the company for a sum of around $200 million. Right now, they have over 13 million active users and Microsoft has decided that it is time to pull the plug on Wunderlist.

If you’re an active user of Wunderlist, Microsoft has their very own app now dubbed To-Do which is made by the same team that brought you Wunderlist. They’re also creating an importer to import all your lists and stuff to To-Do. But here are 5 Fantastic Alternatives to Wunderlist that you can bet on!


Any.Do might just be your answer to the perfect to-do list app. It currently has around 15 million active users and the reason why it is so popular is because of its lightning fast speed in syncing between all your devices. It is even more popular than Wunderlist and the number of installs from PlayStore is an indication of that. Another reason why you’ll fall in love with this app is because of its simple user interface. Everything is well organized and elegant. Any.DO is not just a list app. It has a calendar, task-list, an inbox, project management tool for teams, a family organizer, daily planner, an area for sticky notes or post-its all wrapped up into an elegantly designed app. Just like the name suggests, you can do anything with Any.DO.


EvernoteImage via:Evernote

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you would’ve definitely heard about Evernote. It is one of the most used apps on the planet with a user base of over 200 million users. The advantage with Evernote is that you don’t just make lists, you can do a whole lot of other stuff. This includes taking notes as texts, sketches, PDFs and even web clippings, attach Microsoft office files, organize your receipts and other invoices and much, much more. In short, Evernote makes your life easier by a whole lot.

Google Keep

Google KeepImage via:Google Keep

Google Keep is Google’s very own to-do list app and it also has a huge user base. The features on Keep are very similar to the features present on Evernote. The app has the ability to add notes, lists, photos and even voice memos. You can add colors and labels to all your notes to differentiate them and make them look cooler. The best thing is that the app syncs between all your devices, including tablet, computer, smartphone and Android wearables.



Todoist is a to-do list app that is very popular among the professionals. They have a lot of intriguing features for professionals like setting goals for projects, collaborating seamlessly between other users and the ability to create sub-tasks, sub-projects and setting priority levels. The app can also integrate with Google Drive, Newton, Zapier and more.


TickTickImage via: ticktick

This is the smallest app on this list of 5 Fantastic Alternatives to Wunderlist. But that doesn’t make it bad. It has the simplest user interface with an easy to use navigation drawer that consists of all the quick-links. You can sync all your tasks across all the devices and set instant reminders with their sleek calendar and handy widget.


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