Whatsapp users won’t Lose Messages and Data When they are logged in Login

Whatsapp has become an indispensable part of mobile communication in our day to day life days. It has changed the way we used to chat with each other and the advancement of Whatsapp has been remarkable. It’s got immovably modernized over the past few years with future advancement and dilemma while undergoing minimal creative changes.

As soon as, they bring out the calling facility it will reconsider the rules of the game once again. So a lot of other emphasis and avatars of mobile chat platform at present in the cyberspace.

As we are always linked and associated to Whatsapp, it’s also essential that we keep the chats rolling without taken into consideration what device we make use of and unconcerned of whether we format the device or substitute it with an alternative device. It’s ever a pain backing up and restoring data while altering the devices as we need to make sure that all the data get adjusted safely to the new system.

Most of the apps have a cloud system where these data get backed off automatically regularly as soon as we connect with our account. Contacts will be accordingly restored once we combine with the Gmail account if you have ensured the option to sync your contacts with Gmail account. Apps also will get installed regularly, and so on. Whatsapp doesn’t assist you in this concern on the whole.

They have made the data backup feature regularly, but they save it in your internal storage. It is unreliable as most of the times we wind up with no backup chats as what we acquire back would be from a few days prior to the day we interchange the device. Media information will not be backed up to cloud, so there is no concern on the automatic restoration.

Since the feature of Whatsapp becomes essential it always had a major problem which all of us have overcome when we’ve tested switching phones. It usually meant ruining some Whatsapp messages or data, most probably in group chats. Whatsapp fixed this issue once if exposed reports are all to go by.

Whatsapp will soon let Live Location sharing feature which is superior to the present Drop Location Pin choice, certainly with respect to the app’s beta versions on Android and iOs on the whole. This recent round of disclosure was promoted by WABetaInfo, who is well-known for profitably disclosing the earlier Whatsapp features in the past.

WABetaInfo has posted several photos of the ways which Live Location reporting feature seems like on beta versions of the app on the smartphones. The number alteration feature which is at present flourishing on the beta version of Whatsapp on its Windows Mobile & Windows Phone platform. This will seemingly allow Whatsapp users to suggest select few, all or none of their contacts about the number alteration.

A recent report alleges that this feature will be confined by default, so Whatsapp users need to approach app settings to make it on. This feature has not yet appeared on the smartphones, in regards to the Twitter image exposure, but definitely, it’s just a concern of time.

Whats app brings new feature which lets user send messages

Whatsapp is well known for establishing new features once in every week, in order to stay on a safer side. At present, it appears like the messenger app is verifying something different more entertaining than ever before. The much-reputed feature that would let users recollect messages sent inadvertently is said to be on-the-way to Whatsapp very soon.

There are few reports that literally mentor you to get the new feature together with others at once, by not the firm roll it out precisely yet. This forthcoming feature is being said to be known as ‘unsend messages’ as of now, and it is being reported that it would absolutely erase the conversation from the recipient’s mobile within a couple of seconds as the message was sent.

This feature will definitely help the users to save a lot of embarrassing situations, taken into consideration that the receiver wouldn’t have gained an opportunity to interpret the message. In addition to this, it is being insisted that the messaging app is also verifying its new feature designated as ‘live location sharing’ which lets users share location with contacts in real world environment.

At present, this would absolutely come close by, either in a dexterous condition when you are on a visit to your friend’s place and you wish him to direct you exactly. Both the new features are likely to reach out soon to beta testers on iOS platform, and we may quickly see them on Android as well.

Now location sharing is made possible with comment bar for Android and iOS users

Whatsapp beta for iOS and Android has acknowledged a brand new feature, a commodity that will be much easy to use to allow your friends and family know where you are. People are progressively using Whatsapp to find other people or to allow them to know where they are.

The beta version works similar to it. It can be done by just clicking on the clipper icon on the right-hand side to sharing location. It is now made accessible on the Android version and if users are to go by the screenshot, there is an aspect known as the set duration. As the description advocates, it should be a feature that lets you allow everyone know how deep you will be in that exact location.

If they are likely to contact you or join you in person, they should do it within the allocated time period. The default conversation when you share your live location is ‘This is my exact location’ but there is a cursor as soon as the text ends which points out that you can edit the text to add your own remark.

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A lot of essential features made accessible on Whatsapp looks identical to Facebook but given the value of this specific addition, which may not backlash like the new status messages achieve. Above all, being capable of editing the comments as soon as you share a location would help the user to post updates or allows other people know what you are up to comparably than simply contributing geographic points like an adventurer.

The live location sharing is also made accessible on Whatsapp iOS beta version. As soon as you click to share it, a set your duration window will come into sight and you can select it as well.

Once the duration comes to an end and you quit out of it will also send a message that live location has comes to an end. When compared to any other ideal attachment, it so takes places that privacy and security concerns are prevailing over location sharing.

When users make use of Whatsapp live location sharing, you should also establish when and how it is being shared. Some particular privacy settings may be demonstrated at another time but for the usefulness of users, the common settings should be accessible as soon as the location sharing is made applicable. It will be sooner being exposed to users in various locations.



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