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The Most User-friendly Features from Salesforce Winter ’20 Release

Yet another year in the success journey of Salesforce and a new winter release, which the users need to be prepared for. Even though it seems to be a bit strange to have a winger release, in terms of technology, it is the ideal time when we try to play around with the existing new Salesforce features by practice. For developers and admins, it is essential to know what all new features are getting added to their Lightening experience day by day in order to reap the best results by making use of these. As we used to do with every Salesforce release, here we will have a look into the expert’s most favorite features of the Winter ’20 release from Salesforce.

Lightning experience to all users

Even though it cannot be counted as a feature, we cannot help leaving it without mentioning about Lightning. You can see it is getting turned on for all the Orgs. This had been a vital part of the Salesforce’s strategy in order to support customers to switch over as fast as possible. Even though it wasn’t possible for many users in any recent times due to the limitations they have, all these get vanished, and even the complex Orgs can now easily migrate.

Lightening with Recycle Bin

It is a fact that many out there were holding on the decision to switch to Lightning simply because you may have to switch back to the Classic in order to enjoy the feature of Recycle Bin.  However, now things have changed, and with Winter ’20 from Salesforce, Recycle Bin is getting on to the Lightning.

Counting the unique report values

Another age-old issue for Salesforce users was its inability to count the unique values by looking at a report. Say, for example, if you are trying to count the Accounts which are put on a report while each of these is having more than one opportunity, things were instantly getting complicated. The only option to accomplish this goal before was the use of “Power of One,” nothing more. However, things are changing in Winter’20, where the users have the ability to count Unique Values in reports with multiple opportunities to explore.

Starting a Flow on Schedules

With reach release of Salesforce, the Flow is getting more powerful. This is getting more streamlined to be the pen knife admins can use in order to resolve the complex issues. With the new release, you can easily run the Flows on a set schedule, and not just from the record interactions as before.

Connecting with Customers through WhatsApp

This had been a long-existing requirement for those who want to initiate a high volume of conversations with the customers. Integration with WhatsApp and WeChat now makes it much easier to initiate customer communication through the channels where they are always on. With Winter ’20 from Salesforce, there will be a pilot program running for WhatsApp as well as WeChat to empower the customer service executives.

Adding more accordion components to home page

Another effective, but simple change with the Winter ’20, as pointed out by, is the feature to add Tabs and components of Accordion Lightning to the home page itself. Even though simple, for many users, it could prove out to be one of the essential Lightning add-ons. Such customization features will make Lightening more user-friendly and effective.

Sending user surveys from the process builder

Salesforce is also keen on upgrading its Survey product with each release. In the Winter’20 release, again, they put on more power to the hands of the Salesforce admins who can send the Surveys by using the features of the process builder.

Setting the Component Visibility Rules

Those who have started using Lightning may have noticed how it lets you show or hide the Lightning Components on the basis of field values. Those who use mobile devices largely to access it, it is much easier now to set this up on smartphones too. This is a perfect feature if you have to develop a unique experience for each device you use.

Adding powerful Lightning components to the Flow screens

With the latest release of Web Components by Lightening, the developers can build more Components with the help of the HTML elements as well as JavaScript. Along with this, Salesforce also added the ability to add these advanced components to the Flow Screens too. What is more advantageous is the fact that the Flows are now made more powerful and performing to be there in the toolkit of every developer and admin onto Salesforce Lightening.

Configuration Converter for a better Lightning Experience

Salesforce also had put a considerable effort in terms of making the migration of Org’s to the new Lightning much easier and faster. As Lightning gets on by default on its own, it also provides us many more customized tools also to help. This also enables many scanning apps with more features like Buttons and Actions built-in or can be converted. It also ensures the availability of hardcoded URL’s as well as many AppExchange Packages which are ready for the migration.

Using sub-flows

Using the sub-flows and custom labels will help to save a considerable amount of time and effort by the developers. However, still, many developers don’t actually know what that they can call a Flow from within another. If this feature is leveraged, it will help avoid any clutter in Flows.

It is possible to re-use the Flows by calling them from another Flow. In order to make use of this, you can drag in a Subflow from the action panel.

Not these, but the Winter’20 release also has many new user-friendly experiences to explore as Salesforce used to do throughout its growth. Lightning experience is getting more simplified day by day and also more diversified to fulfill the need for a wide range of users who come on board to this platform day in and out.

If you find any of your favorite features left out in this post or want to know any further about the new Lightening experience, please make use of the comment session to raise your queries.

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