Learn iOS App Development Process: A Step-By-Step Guide for Beginners

Are you all set to develop an iOS application? Before you hire an iPhone app developer, let’s understand the concept of the iOS application development process.

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Lets gear up to learn whether developing custom iPhone apps are easier for you…

Undoubtedly, over the last few years, developing a mobile app has become one of the most profitable and promising approaches for the industries from all domains. However, the major challenge comes when you need to develop an iPhone application. The things are a little different than picking up any other environment as it entails new language learning and new Software development kits.

Just as learning any new thing is difficult, learning iOS app development is challenging. Don’t be scared! It’s also fun, exciting and rewarding too!

Being an iPhone app developer, your simple motto is to search for the approach that takes out the frustration of learning how to code while getting you faster to the finish line. So no more hold-up or waiting! This article has compiled the guide to develop an iPhone application efficiently.

When you finished reading this article, you will learn a step-by-step guide on how to code an iPhone application like a pro developer.

Ready? Let’s get started.

  • Guide to Getting Started with iOS App Development
  • Get an Idea for App Development
  • Create the Architecture of Your iOS App
  • Take Time to Think About UI/UX Designing
  • iOS App Development
  • Testing and Launching an App
  • Regular Maintenance and Updates

In the last few years, the use of iPhone apps has rapidly grown in specifically in the business category. The only reason being is the wide features of an iOS mobile application for businesses that add up an edge and enables you to reach your target audience. While iOS apps are expensive, but it improves the ROI of a business and keep the standard of app quality is always high.

ROI of a business and keep the standard of app quality

Hopefully, the concept is clear why you should consider developing an iPhone mobile application, especially when targeting the higher-income category of society.

Now the question is, how to develop Custom iPhone Apps For Your Business? No worries, quell your stress here and learn about the basic steps that iPhone app developers involved in the app development process…


What Skills Do You Need to Develop iOS Application?

Before getting into the details and app development frameworks, it is worthwhile to understand what skills you need to have to build your own apps.

Master Xcode: Xcode is an integrated development environment for macOS containing a suite to develop applications for iOS operating systems. Xcode has everything from a coder, project organizer, compiler to debugger tools that enables you to build efficient iPhone apps.

Programming Language: To develop an iPhone application, Swift and Objective-C are the only powerful programming language that you can use to code iOS OS. It’s easier to learn the features of these languages and can enhance your code productivity.

Build UIs: No use of building an app if it has no User Interface(UI). If there is anything that can add life to your app design, it is the only UIs as they are made of buttons, views, navigation, labels, images, controls, etc.

Understanding Coding: Coding is king in any app structure. Your Swift code decides how your app will work. The success of the app development actually depends upon the coding and logic.

Get an Idea for App Development

Keep the application design simple to minimize the complexity of your work. WHY?

Yes, it’s only application design that can change the experience and confidence level of iOS app developer but for starters, it is advised to hire an iPhone app developer to keep things simple and streamlined. Developers can still manage to maintain the uniqueness of the app by making a design that is easy to access and unusual.

For example, the OkCupid, where users can leverage the most important function of this app by simply swiping right or left. It is simple, engaging, useful and fun-filled to access.

Create the Architecture of Your iOS App

Coding plays an important role!

The architecture of your application depends upon the level of your coding experience how conveniently you can develop the application. However, that’s where the iPhone App developers can feel relaxed… WHY?

Apple minimized the difficulties with the Swift Programming language in 2014 and enables you to develop interactive, simple and fast apps without bothering the complexity of the coding. It helps iOS app builders to develop iOS apps using Xcode which is often used by iOS app development companies.

UI/UX Designing

Did you know that the UX/UI design can make or break an app? The design determines the ease of functionality of the app and defines the user’s overall experience. However, make sure that your iPhone app developers adhere to specific guidelines to maintain the standard of the application.

For example, Apple recommends an appropriate touch size for iOS app development. The design phase allows the team to get the display features including graphics, animation, icons and so on.

Designing an iOS is challenging, but it can tailor the user experience.

iOS App Development

 When it comes to developing an iOS app, it includes both front-end and back-end development.

Now, you might be surprised that what is back-end and front-end development. Let me explain to you in a simple language!

The team handling front-end development, build codes to implement the various design elements of the application. Basically, front-end involves caching and synchronizing the database and development of wireframes and UI design. Whereas, the back-end purely focused on the functionality of the app.

The development process of the iOS application completely depends on the balanced coordination of back-end and front-end development.

Testing and Adding an Application to the App Store

Once you are done with all development phases, now it’s time to test the compatibility of your app!

Now here comes a twist in a game!

You might develop an app after reading the guidelines, but the App Store requires your application to be adding the stringent regulations. Also, keep in mind that the iOS app review period can last up to 10-15 days, so to publish an application, the iOS app developer needs to run testing to check the usability and performance of the app.

Let’s have a look over some stats and facts that representing why testing is important…

  • According to Source, 44% of in-app defects are found by the user.
  • According to reports, 47% percent of apps need more time for testing.
  • 52% of users are frustrated by the overall performance of the app.
  • According to a survey, 29% of users will immediately abandon an app if they don’t find it useful or efficient working.

To improve the submission process, the App Store also enlist the key reasons for rejecting an app. Hence, before publishing that application, make sure you go through with the reasons that increase the chance of rejection.

Updating and Maintaining an Application

In this phase of mobilization, the app development industry has various innovative things to surprise you.

To deliver the excellent user experience, it is important for the developers to often update and maintain your application to seamlessly address issues encountered and notified. Regular updating and maintenance of the app not only ensure smooth working but also ensure that the app has the necessary support.

Final Words

If you are thinking that you are all set to start your new app development project with this step-by-step guide, then you might be mistaken at this point. An iOS application development process never ends!

“As like cooks can spell out the name of species by smelling the ingredients, likewise, iOS app developers can leverage this guide to develop custom iPhone apps and minimize the obstacles of app development.“

Apparently, the process of developing an iOS application gets completed with the successful publication of the app to the App Store. Do you also think the same?

The truth of the picture is, this process never ends!

In reality, the publication of the app begins the constant process of app maintenance. The continued process of app development actually comprises monitoring app usage through app analytics platforms, measuring the success rate, that may be encountered at any time. By hiring the iPhone app developer, you can cut down these difficulties and get the best solution for your business needs.

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