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Well, who would not be fascinated with the idea of learning a new language? In fact, one of the most basic things in the list of carts would be learning a new language for many people out there. But, learning is a process which is cool as well as tiresome on the same hand. Half of the time, it is difficult for the learners in learning a new language and being an expert in the accents as well as words and due to the same reason they back out from the process in between the same.

For turning the things better and easier for efficient learners, since quite some time now, there has been an establishment of language learning applications. A language learning mobile application is the solution for all the language earners who were searching for the apt method of learning. Several entrepreneurs have come out in support of such applications and are interested in funding towards this trend. Through WordPress website service, these applications are preferred a lot. 

Having said that a lot of applications have already entered the market and have got direct gains from people. One of the similar applications is Duolingo that has made education exciting and easy to learn and there are more than 25 languages included in the application. 

Similar to Duolingo, there are many essential language learning applications present in the market. Most of the high positioned mobile application development organizations are benefiting the businesses in the creation of robust and great functional language learning mobile applications. Let us discuss the important elements of the development of language learning mobile applications. 

There is no doubt about the fact that every other person is fond of such applications where they can learn new languages simply. So for being an expert in a specific language, four major skills are essential, which are reading, writing, speaking and listening. 

In the same sense, a language learning bestows with the following points:

  1. Good Vocabulary: A lot of language learning mobile applications are great in rendering the best tools to the users so that they are free to learn new words and phrases. Similar to Duolingo and Busuu, these provide huge beneficial exercises that are good in learning the small number of words interactively. 
  2. Listening: With the application, you can give away training for the language as well to the application users in an effective manner, be it the comprehension of speech through the listening exercises. In one of the applications like Memrise, which is a Google Play Awards rewarded, there are many small videos and audio tracks that ensure the users in listening to the speech of native speakers and perform various exercises also afterward. 
  3. Pronunciation: Language learning mobile applications provide a check for speech recognition, pronunciation, and technology as well. Likewise, the application has the involvement of dialogues, podcasts, or audios that can be helpful for the improvisation of the pronunciation like the same is offered by Babbel application. 
  4. Practicing the Language: With the application, one can even create an application based community where one is free to chat and exchange information as well as knowledge. One such application is Tanden, where there is the unification of native speakers from all around the global region. 
  5. Revise: There are also such applications, where you can get reminded about the practice and skills for every day. It is a good formula for leveling up the self-esteem of the learners for each day. This is a method that is beneficial for the application owners as well because they can achieve a brilliant number of daily application users. Duolingo helps the users in remembering that every day learning a new language is a great requirement as one can practice daily. It gives permission to the users for setting their aims and the learners are also designed to complete some of the tasks that are essential for a daily basis, and eventually accomplishing the goals also. 
  6. An application that boosts encouragement: If the thought of learning a new language is exciting, then surely users have the thought of being captivated into the process of learning as well. But, half of the time users feel because of worn-out methods the learners get bored easily and do not find the interest to learn ahead. Such barriers can be resolved with the help of language learning applications that are encouraging, motivational and engaging all the time. The points that are involved in such applications are as follows: 
  • Games: Most of the times users are bored with the old processes so games are the best way for bringing in interests and the learning process can be rejuvenating for the users. 
  • Competition: Like outside, the application should also comprise of competitions that can awaken the interest of the learners in the right manner, no matter what. In a competition, learners work hard to get recognized, win and get motivated from the same. 
  • Encouragement: During the process of learning a language, there are chances of learners making mistakes as they are keen on being perfect and getting a command of the language. So, it is necessary to encourage the learners so that they do not give up in between if there are continuous mistakes. 

An application that assists

 With the establishment of a feature-rich application, there is a requirement to guide the users about the application and provide them with meaningful information all the time during the language. Some of the things to offer are: 


This is a step that can ensure the user for taking a tour of the application. Such processes can help in the bestowing resembling tips all around the course. It turns easier for them to search for information regarding the training courses, the position they stand in, what is the progress, checking the progress, and every other essential information. 

Personal Teacher

 Most of the time, learners are left dumbstruck because of the distinctive rules and regulations about a particular language. In such situations, one can take help from a personal tutor, which can be helpful for the users in encouraging the users when there is a requirement during difficult times, providing detailed knowledge and information overusing the words aptly. 

Development Cost 

As per the accordance of the time invested, elements and technologies included that can be helpful in the determination of a rough layout of the development cost for the language learning applications.

         The cost and rates depend on different factors like:

  • Main features
  • Advanced and extra features
  • The chosen standard and platforms
  • Size of the application development team 
  • Area of the application development center 
  • Complexity and time invested in the application 

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