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iOS Mobile App Development Trends That Matter in 2020

There were over 200Billion plus mobile apps were downloaded just in 2020, but most of them were ignored after the first 24 hours of release. Getting a mobile app developed after an initial idea is just the first step in a long and challenging process of keeping the app relevant for constant consumer engagement.

It is observed that less than 0.01% mobile apps created this year have the power to become an industry success. So if you are looking to develop a mobile app or are a mobile app developer you should know that there is a 99% chance your app might not get you the returns that you expected from it, so the stakes are as high as they can be.

So, for an iOS app development company it is essential to do the homework before getting into the process of development. There has been no tougher time to get into app development then it is right now, the app industry is so competitive that it has becomeessential for stakeholders to develop strategies for success by keeping in mind the factors that lead to failure.

Insufficient Market Research:

In order to offer a solution to a problem the first step is to understand the problem completely. This is the most pivotal step when it comes to giving the audience what it wants. Without proper market research it becomes very difficult find the right way in which the product should be placed. If there is no recognized market for your product it highly unlikely that the application will be able to gather consumer reception as there are a lot of similar apps in the market that provide the same experiences.

Without building an outreach strategy the is no way app developers can know what is that unique function or feature the audience will be most attracted to and which has the ability to differentiate the product from a lot of similar Apps present out there.

Improper Budgeting:

Resources are the fuel of any developmental project and through proper budget allocation an organization might be able to prioritize of tasks and actions that are necessary in order to achieve process smoothness.

Mobile development companies due to improper market research fail to ascertain the level of success they can crunch out of an App. This leads to goals that are not well defined, an idea that is not clear cannot be matched against a certain budgeting criteria, a failure most of the App development teams encounter inside the Application life cycle.

Poor Designs:

Simply put, if the user does not like the time spent on the App its bound to fail. The power UX design holds in the way an App is supposed to be perceived is increasing at a rapid pace. Due to this development teams have to allocate larger chunks of resources to gain the maximum user knowledge and taste when it comes to user experience design.

We have observed great app ideas not go the mile when it came to how poorly were they designed. There might be several reasons why UX designs might fail but App interfaces are supposed to be a perfect balance between usability and aesthetics. If the App fails in any of these two aspects it will most probably fail on the app market.

Meeting the current UI/UX design standards has such an importance because people while using your app will always remember their feelings while receiving information and communicating through your product. Organizations while researching should also learn from the failures of other similar apps and also adapt at least avoid making the most common mistakes.

Bad Developmental Environment and Apparatus:

This happens when app teams fail to understand what they want from the product. Not having a clear idea can lead to bad decisions like investing in tech that exceeds the budgeting limits or performs below par. Extensive research should be placed when developing infrastructure that is supposed to support application development. Bad tech that does not have the ability to direct the right amount of AI into the project result in the development of product built on obsolete standards.

If the end user does not get what the developer promised it significantly decreases engagement and might also result in earning a bad reputation in the market. This holds also true for the human resource involved in the project. If the labor is unskilled the application might face issues like bad platform optimization, errors and network problems that might lead to a development from scratch.

Quality Assurance Failure:

This is the most crucial step before application release and failure on the testing part can result in a propagation of poorly optimized apps that exhibit platform instability and also might fail to perform completely, whatever the case might be this would severely hurt the developmental process.

Organizations place the most focus on testing methods and strategies that ensure application robustness and stable performance on every platform the application is intended to cater to. Development and Quality teams should also work inside a framework that ensures maximum collaboration with rigorous development and testing side by side.

Mislead Marketing and Support Strategies:

When app developers fail to ascertain the psychological aspects of the end-user, they implement strategies that might not yield the required ROI. When the product is not defined well enough problems like inefficient placement and product description that result in creating impressions that are really hard to change.IT is the responsibility of a marketing team to understand market trends so that the application receives the maximum user attention.

It’s simple if the stakeholders are unclear about their own product it leads to unclear branding strategies that also leave the market unclear about the product. An unclear audience does not have the ability to convert towards your product. This idea does not only pertain to only pre-download situations, organizations should also have clear support strategies throughout the consumer’s journey with the Application.

Jassica Dean

Jassica is an Editor of AppStory (Digital marketing Agency Ahmedabad) , She has been contributing for several years to well-known platforms like App Story & CEO Interview Platform Dataflow, Dzone & B2C and a leading AppStory & Review Magazine.


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