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How to Choose the Best Node.js Framework?

With the initiation of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and JavaScript frameworks, the trend and fashion in web development have significantly improved during the past years, which has actually benefited the users in their daily usage.

While discussing the evolution and progress of web development, Node.js is undoubtedly a reputed JavaScript platform which offers the provision of designing and developing smooth, speedy, and scalable network application to the developers. Node.js has become a performing platform in leveraging event-oriented, unblocking Input/output models by making it efficient.

Node.js became popular by offering the provision of unbelievable frameworks for creating server-side applications. It is available with a user-friendly learning curve where it was carefully designed with a singular language, extensive compatibility, smooth performance, and sharable option for all users.

Node.js has become an important streamlined developmental platform as well as a portal for users like Uber and Netflix. However, the primary Node.js frameworks are respectively, Express.js, Koa.js, and Sails.js, which meticulously simplify complex and compound enterprise problems.

But, to choose one Node.js framework which will suit the requirements and demands of your web application is a hard task. We need to carefully look at various factors along with the top Node.js frameworks and their features, and then only we can choose the correct and best Node.js framework.

So, let’s proceed further;

The Importance of MVC Frameworks for Node.js – 

Before considering the best Node.js framework, firstly it is important to understand and know about the MVC frameworks which are accessible in the international market, as it delicately helps in approaching, handling, and solving any complex project with ease and perfection.

The basic component parameters of the MVC framework are;

  1. Model – Business Logic
  2. View – Layout and format of the information
  3. Controller – Ability to send requests and updates

It is important to remember that MVC frameworks provide support and enterprise-grade solutions but in matters of flexibility, muscularity, and massiveness, it cannot be relied upon. In those cases, the user is required to choose another Node.js framework that is more lightweight and provides end-to-end maintenance.

Choosing the Best and Correct Node.js Framework –

Besides the other popular and efficient Node.js frameworks, the most relevant, 3 top Node.js Frameworks, namely; Express.js, Koa.js, and Sails.js can do wonders and magic in enriching, enhancing, and accelerating the web development procedure. So hereafter, we will gather the knowledge that why to choose these frameworks and how it can easily uplift the web development procedure effortlessly.

The reason behind choosing Express.js Framework – 

Apart from being the most lightweight and progressed Node.js Framework, Express.js also offers a wide range of functionality range to create and develop web applications in various formats. Express.js supports every kind of web application, be it single-page, multi-page, or hybrid web applications. It also proffers sufficient features to manage and maintain them efficaciously.

Express.js also has the capability of simplifying the testing procedure through the usage of middleware and routing processes. Express.js also assists the developers in demonstrating an Express.js REST API server in order to make the routes applicable to the simple and easy web applications.

Express.js API also utilizes the Node.js manager package to install various third-party plugins. The memory usage of the framework can be enhanced through several labour driven tasks, which are mostly manual.

Reputed websites like PayPal and My Space sites got benefitted after using Express.js as a middleware framework.

The reason behind choosing Koa.js Framework – 

The capacities and capabilities of the Koa.js framework are almost identical to Express.js as it happens to be one of the alternatives of Express.js. Although Koa.js can be considered as more progressed than the Express.js framework. It has the ability to create application programming interfaces with absolute flawlessness and ameliorated efficiency.

With the initiation of Expres.js, it was noticed that this framework was dependent upon a call-back feature where the requests deviated from the object. However, later on, this problem was resolved with the inauguration of the Koa.js framework, which proactively employs ES6 generator functions to obviate the call-back method. The designer code in Koa.js is thoroughly managed and maintained.

Koa.js is recognized as a modular framework that delivers better performance than Express.js. A much diverse combination of materials, features, and attributes can be used in Koa.js which surely makes it stand out from the general frameworks.

The reason behind choosing Sails.js Framework – 

The most important factor of the Sails.js framework is that it is capable of creating real-time web applications with increased functions and modules which in itself works no less than a wonder.

The best game designers and sophisticated programmers and coders who are looking to create or develop modern applications like real-time chat rooms, real-time toolbars, impulsive dashboards, multiplayer games, can choose the Sails.js framework.

Sails.js is capable of providing successive development to the massive enterprise solutions as well as it is also able to offer various marvellous features in order to ameliorate the performance and usage of those same solutions.

Sails.js comprises automatic generators, so naturally the development procedure becomes high-tech. It is supportable in any kind of database, be it MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, or MongoDB with the utilization of a singular structure.

The inherited Waterline in Sails.js provides coherent syntax to the developers for accessing various databases without answering to any query language.

Altogether, the experience of the developers and programmers becomes concentrated, smooth, free-flowing, and streamlined.

The process of choosing the best and perfect Node.js Framework according to your project – 

It is important to remember that the best choice of Node.js Framework is always dependent upon the scale and magnitude of your project. Developing a web application is an important concern for all aspects.

That is why, while all the frameworks provide certain significant advantages, choosing a particular framework is baffling. That is why the below-mentioned points must be considered while making a choice.

  1. Project Objective
  2. Project Type
  3. Associated Cost of the project
  4. The demand for the efficiency of the web application
  5. Community
  6. Scalability
  7. Performance
  8. Customization Capacity
  9. Loading of System Resources
  10. Upgradation of Versions
  11. Available Module Variations
  12. Documentation
  13. Testing Functions
  14. Developmental Simplicity


Other Secondary Node.js Frameworks to Look at and choose from – 

Hapi.js – 

Hapi.js is recognized as a popular Node.js Framework that delivers consistent support to the developers to function on various tasks simultaneously. It is a very well accepted Node.js framework in the international market by large organizations like Yahoo for its efficacy in managing and nurturing multiple big projects expeditiously.

Walmart was benefitted by using it for their development of retail chain application.

Some of the best features of this framework are respectively; 1. Proactively supporting several plugins 2. Actively supporting already used components 3. Providing solutions to the large teams

Kraken.js – 

Kraken.js is widely remembered and mentioned when it comes to a secured and protected Node.js Framework. However, it is primarily considered as an extension of Express.js with the provision of scalability and absolute control for big projects.

This framework is capable of carefully nurturing, garnering, and organizing the data structure of the relative web application. Through Kraken.js, the developer receives lucid and managed data structure, which comes in handy with prompt templates and modules.

Express.js optimized with some customized features is only Kraken.js.

Some of the remarkable features of Krajen.js are respectively;

  1. Supportive of various languages
  2. Properly governed and managed data structure optimization with the presence of route controllers
  3. Built-in and pre-assembled Lusca module for obtaining better security and safety
  4. The facility of code generation hastens the developmental procedure
  5. Supreme Functionality
  6. Distinct models and templates

Electron.js – 

Electron.js is popularly recognized as a separate framework for its ability to demonstrate native desktop applications through the mode of using web technologies like CSS, HTML, etc. This node.js framework provides the option of creating a website application without much hassle and effort for beginners.

Some of the best features of this Framework are respectively; 1. Usable in all platforms 2. The chromium in it offers the developers different tools, storage, etc. 3. It doesn’t rely upon computer power 4. Provision of set packages and wide community

Conclusion – 

It is important to remember that nowadays, there are multiple web applications and mobile applications; thus it has become a hard time for marketers to use technology and features and create applications that will stay unique in the market.

Thus the appropriate choice of any framework helps to ameliorate the performance of any web application by reducing the usage of time and resources, which is extremely important.

Thus, all these Node.js frameworks will be the correct examples to choose from, in order to create the perfect web application. Although the initial choices are far better than the later ones.

We wish that the users will choose the best Node.js Framework carefully and cautiously.


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