Bringing Revolution in Healthcare Industry

How Mobile Apps are Bringing Revolution in Healthcare Industry

Technology has affected our lives on a large scale already. There should not be any inhibitions in accepting the fact that mobile apps will bring revolution in the healthcare industry. Technology has already introduced a sea of change in how patients are connecting with doctors and vice versa.

Using their Spectrum phone and Internet connection, people are feeling empowered with the knowledge medical mobile apps are offering. They are able to make sound medical decisions. It is great news for those who want to play an active role in healthcare. Medical apps have leveled the playing field for patients too.

A Market Snapshot

The number of mobile health apps in the market has increased. Now, over 318,000 health apps are available worldwide. The number has doubled since 2015. More than 200 mobile apps are being added each day.

It’s expected that the global value of the mHealth app market will reach $102.35 billion by the year 2023. The major driving force behind this expansion is the adoption of smartphones. The heavy investment in the digital health market is also a reason.

What Do Consumers Have To Say?

Accenture research says that healthcare consumers are showing strong interest in the use of digital technology. 75 percent of the consumers from the survey said that technology is an important aspect of staying on top of their health. The use of mobile devices, e-health records, and health wearables has increased. Half of the healthcare consumers are now actively using their mHealth apps.

Healthcare costumers are taking advantage of the anytime anywhere care. 79 percent of the users are most likely to select a provider who allows them to conduct medical interactions related to healthcare online or through mobiles. 50 percent of the consumers are willing to leave their current provider for the one that can offer better technology.

Patients are looking forward to seeing digital tools for accessing records, test results, schedule appointments, filling prescriptions, etc. This is an opportunity for providers to differentiate themselves by offering new tech features to customers. This will not just let them meet customer expectations but exceed them.

Ways Mobile Apps Are Improving Healthcare

Healthcare tech advancements are delivering significant benefits to patients as well as doctors. Here are some ways mobile apps are improving healthcare:

  • Benefits for doctors and patients

Doctors need to know everything about the history of their patient. Emergency situations can be dealt with by getting all x-rays, tests, ultrasounds, and MRI within a single app.

Patients can also get instant treatments through mobile apps since the exchange of information takes place in seconds. This is empowering both patients and doctors towards better healthcare.

  • Improved doctor-patient relationship

Traditionally, doctors and patients had to be in the same room for the treatment to occur. All thanks to technology, this necessity is now wiped out. The on-demand mobile apps have brought new solutions. These apps allow let you discuss health concerns, test results, and follow-ups. This is a gift for those living in rural areas. They are the people who don’t have professional doctors available at hand.

These apps can manage everything related to health issues and patient recovery. They can also remind patients to take their medicines, monitor their symptoms and transmit the health updates to the providers. This will remove all those situations where patients often forget uncovering minor details to their specialists that could lead to something.

  • Reduction in Medical Bills

There is no doubt the healthcare is expensive. One visit to the clinic just for a checkup can cost you so much. A healthcare app can save this expense.

These apps can also facilitate patients in paying their medical bills. Just like how it’s done in the financial apps, you can schedule the payments of your bill on a monthly basis. The amount will be deducted from your account automatically.

So, mobile apps are reducing the efforts on doctors’ as well as patient’s ends.

  • Monitor health condition

Every other person is now using fitness trackers and health wearables. That’s because these apps let users stay on top of their health. It gives them ownership to monitor their health and enjoy an active lifestyle.

Users can stay on top of their calorie consumption, heartbeat, blood sugar level, follow an exercise routine and diet regime, etc. It’s like patients have a personalized healthcare specialist to let them make healthy choices.

  • Reduced Risk of Diagnostic Errors

Just a minor error in diagnosis can cause serious health issues. But not anymore. Mobile healthcare apps possess intelligent diagnostic capabilities. They can reduce the error rate by providing accurate predictions. Using the patient’s history, the healthcare app would recommend the right diagnosis and drugs.

  • Boon for Medical Staff

The use of mobile apps in the healthcare industry has become a boon for doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff. They can access patient details whenever needed. The best part is they will remain updated with the health condition of their patients.

A report says that 93 percent of medical specialists believe that healthcare apps can bring improvement in the health of patients. 80 percent of the doctors are already using these apps for communicating with their patients.

So many doctors and giving digital prescriptions through mobile apps as well. That means even if the doctor is on the go, they can still monitor the health of their patients.

  • Better Clinical Operations

The clinical, as well as medical practitioners,  are investing in healthcare apps. As more and more operations are becoming automated, it is changing how the industry operates.

IoT has simplified a number of tasks, which were performed manually. IoT infusion offers a better way to manage resources. The medical staff can monitor a huge pile of information without putting much effort.

Summing Up

The rapidly emerging technologies are creating new and new opportunities in the healthcare industry. Even though so much is already in place, the best is yet to come. Just as if Spectrum Internet Assist Program is there to provide affordable internet to households with low-income, mobile apps in healthcare will help remove discrimination patient’s bear in healthcare because of limited funds.

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