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Why Does Everyone Want to Create a Ludo Game App?

Whenever people feel boredom, sadness, low motivation then they take the help of games because they know that games are one of the best sources of entertainment that can kill boredom and sadness and bring positive energy in mind and body. I always read a single line that playing games can remove all your stress and help to fight with depression. This line is very true and I think just because of this reality people are turning their interest from offline mode to online mode. The demand for Ludo game app development is increasing in the market and people are playing Ludo in groups of their family members and friend circle.

Ludo games are board games and demand for board games is very high in this scenario. People are spending their time playing ludo games and the market of this game app is now at $50 Billion. After this, you can estimate the scope of ludo games. The scope is broader and you have a chance to put your legs in this industry. Just try to understand the importance and Start your online business. Best Ludo game app Development Company can be searched on google.

This game can be played by any age group people and by referring one can play the game with their friends also. By giving challenges on Facebook, one can play the game on Facebook friends also. Ludo Mobile app is easily available on online platforms like google play store where one can download the app and can play the game online on their mobile phones.

Ludo Game App Development:

As you know ludo games are famous and considered as a family game. There are various new versions available like Ludo king. Ludo king app is gaining huge popularity and one can play this game on a computer or mobile phone. Gaming apps now come up with all the latest features that allow a user to best in class user experience. Entrepreneurs are now looking for this opportunity to invest their valuable money and time.

Features of Ludo Game App:

  • Award and reward winning by beating other competitors
  • Ludo King and other game titles
  • Facebook friends game app sharing
  • Send some emoticons to your opposite party
  • Multi-players gaming option.
  • Chat with the players
  • Auto move system
  • Invite and play with your buddies
  • Cash/Cashless game
  • Rookie or Practice mode
  • Online/Offline mode
  • Multiplayer can be played in 2 to 6 groups
  • Multiplayer via 6 to 9 contending game rooms.
  • Invitation to friends on social media
  • Board games like snacks and ladder can be played
  • Simple rules to follow to play the game
  • Extra-ordinary graphics to make it an interesting game.
  • Can on and off the sound.
  • Play online head to head
  • Create private tables
  • Coin Management
  • Daily bounces & Free Coins
  • Game history

Factors To Be Considered While Developing A Ludo Game App:

App Development Company:

The selection of the best mobile app development company is a must for developing a ludo game. Boardgame app development companies can help to design a feature-rich mobile game app. Ludo game app development services are spreading day by day. App developers are now available at a cheaper rate and can offer the best quality products and services. There are so many other app development companies that can design feature-rich and exclusive mobile apps.

Size Of Application:

Mostly a large size of the application is considered as the best app. App functions, features, add-ons all are part of app size. If you want so many features in a single app like multiplayer, themes, similar factors than the cost can be increased. Development costs depend upon the features.

Testing of Gaming App:

To gain a rich gaming experience, testing is a must. The testing team must be established to check the bug and interruption. Whenever an application gets ready then testing of mobile apps is a must. A bug-free game will provide the best quality user-experience. The rich gaming experience is a dream of all sports players. The testing phase can remove all the problems and users can enjoy non-stop games without any error. Here you can understand the importance of the testing team.

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Features That Attracts Ludo Game Players:

Live Text and Video Chats:

This is one of the best features that attract ludo players most. To engage a player in a game and to engage players with each other, Live chat and video chat feature allows them to chat in real-time and they can talk to each other. I know the cost can be more but this feature will give value to money.

Earn and Play With Real Money:

Real money can be earned by playing games. Users can refer a referral code to their family and friends. They can play in a group of their family and friends. This can give them a sense of happiness and allow them to share their score with their friends.

Offline Mode:

Offline mode allows the players to scale up their skills. They can play without using an internet connection. This facility encourages them to play the game to boost up their skills. If a user lives in a remote area then he can play offline games.

Online Mode:

This feature allows them to play various international leagues that are available at online platforms. This online feature allows them to play the game only using an internet connection. Beginners can learn the game on the internet, it is very easy to play the game.

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Design Ludo Game App:


Development of concept, Design finalization, prototype information, project planning, roadmap designing is the part of pre-production.


Programming, Coding, designing, art, and audio production, complex formatting can be part of the production.


After-sale service support, customer support, maintenance, and customer happiness come under this process.

Cost to Develop Ludo Game App:

See, No one can judge an exact amount of cost of the development just because of varieties and modifications. There are a variety of applications in the market and a variety of new features are available in the market. Every individual has their own need and a different need.

To fulfill their needs, developers tried to offer the best quality mobile applications. Basic design, extra-ordinary design, customized design, each and everything incurred different costs. To calculate all the expenditures, ask your development partner that in each process how much does it cost.

Suppose you want to add a live chat feature then the cost of development will be more. Features like UI-UX are the major source of cost. There are a variety of Board Game app development solutions in the market, you can choose as per your need. Solutions like white-label, turnkey are part of ludo game apps. Web development companies charge different prices for different solutions. So choose the best ludo game app development company to get work done at minimum cost.


So, I have shared all my viewpoints on Ludo game app development, so after reading this full blog, I am sure you can understand why everyone wants to create a ludo game app? Game apps can fill the gap between your dream and reality. Ludo game application can help to stand up a billion-dollar business in 2020. Hurry up guys and think about it.

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