7 Reasons Why You Should Use Xamarin for Mobile App Development

With millions of mobile apps in respective app stores, there is fierce competition in the mobile app development industry. Despite all that, businesses are focusing on developing a dedicated mobile app for their business and the focus is slowly shifting from website to mobile apps. So how can you make your mobile app stand out from the crowd and get the attention of your target audience?

It usually comes down to innovative features or the way you create an app. For creating a winning app, you will have to choose a mobile app development platform or framework. That is where Xamarin comes into play. Xamarin is a cross-platform mobile app development platform that offers many benefits over other frameworks and platforms.

Here are seven reasons why you should use Xamarin for mobile app development.

Code Reusability

The advantage of using Xamarin is that it has the same code base which uses C#, which means that you will not have to invest time, money, and effort in writing code for different operating systems and platforms. All you have to do is to create a single code base and use it as many times as you want for different platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows etc. This saves app developers from a lot of hassle and make app development a breeze.


Xamarin is not rigid and offers flexibility app developers want. It does not restrict you or tie you to a platform but offers you the freedom to create mobile apps for all platforms and devices. In fact, Xamarin goes beyond the realm of mobile and caters to other devices as well.

For instance, you can create wearable apps for wearable devices. More on that later. Moreover, you can also create apps for Mac OS X, TVO’s apps, open GL games, and Metal games to name just a few. With Xamarin, the possibilities are literally endless as you can create anything you want with this versatile app development platform. That is why it is one of the most popular app development platforms out there and will continue to dominate the market until a better alternative comes.

Cost Efficiency

Most app development experts recommend that you create an app for one platform at a time then move on to the next. One of the biggest advantages of using Xamarin is that it let you work on multiple apps for the different platforms at once. Let’s say you must create an app for Android and iOS, you can work on both at the same time. This can help you minimize the cost.

More importantly, the ability to use the same code base and a significant amount of code to replicate functions and render native UX not only keep the cost down to a minimum but also takes up less time. A professional mobile app development company uses Xamarin to create apps with minimal efforts.

Access to Native API

What makes Xamarin stand out is the ability to let app developers access native application programming interfaces. With access to native APIs, app developers can take full advantage of the device hardware and deliver a buttery smooth user experience. More importantly, it can save them a lot of time and help them to create an app from scratch in no time. If you have a tight deadline to meet but don’t want to compromise on the user experience of the app then, Xamarin is an ideal choice.

Wearable Apps

Bulky desktops were replaced by portable laptops and portable laptops got replaced by pocketable smartphones. The cycle continues as smartphones slowly make way for smartwatches. Now, you can literally wear a computer on your wrist. Although, the new ecosystem and small screen real estate pose a daunting challenge for app developers. Xamarin helps fix most of these issues and let you create apps for wearable devices.

Xamarin let you execute and run C# code on a tiny screen attached to the wristband. App developers can use Visual Studio for Windows and Mac operating systems to build Apple Watch apps. Fortunately, it does not stop there as you can also create apps for smartwatches powered by the Android operating system and also supports Android Wear.

Seamless Design with Forms

User experience makes all the difference so how can a popular cross-platform app development tool ignore it? It can not and it has not. The user interface of the app you create with Xamarin is written in Xamarin Forms. What’s so great about Xamarin Forms is that it is highly effective when it comes to creating user experience designs and can save a lot of app developer’s time which is wasted on preparing user experience by making the whole process efficient.

 Simple Maintenance

One of the common misconceptions that is prevalent among app developers is that your job is done when the app is available for the users for download on respective app stores. Unfortunately, that is not the case. App developers are also responsible for keeping the apps up to date and well maintained. Fixing errors is also important to delivering a hassle-free mobile app experience to users. Xamarin takes the pain out of the app update and maintenance process by simplifying it. All you have to do is to make changes to the source file and changes will be deployed automatically.


Xamarin is a powerful, cross-platform app development platform that let you create apps at a fraction of the cost and quickly. Build, test and run apps for multiple platforms all with a single framework. If you know how to take advantage of Xamarin, you can create apps at a fraction of the cost, in less time and keep it well maintained and up to date. It is also great for designing eye-catching app interfaces and delivering smooth performance to users.

Which is the main reason why you would use Xamarin for app development? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

Irfan Ak

Irfan Ak is a digital marketing strategist, growth hacker, digital transformation expert of Branex & a guest blogger on various websites. He has worked with various other brands and created value for them.


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