Zlen – Making Privacy

Zlen – Making Privacy and the Ultimate Social Media Experience Co-Exist

There are various uses of social media, with so many different applications on board. Whether it is video content or memes or pictures. Sure, no one is denying the advantages of social media but there is a common thread in all this that must not be compromised (but sadly, it is) – privacy. Currently, your presence on social media cannot be hidden unless you choose to do it under a fake name.

Contrary to what many people believe – enforcing privacy control does not limit social media experience. In fact, it makes it more enjoyable and fulfilling, while balancing the use of all the other apps. The consequences of not having the right privacy controls can be severe because of the high chances of trolls, random strangers, and other people disturbing and being ever-present on different social media platforms.

Zlen gives you the best privacy controls and the ideal social media experience in one place.

Zlen – Social Media Meets Private Messenger with Advanced Privacy Controls

Zlen is the next generation social media space built keeping in mind the importance of privacy, but without reducing the fun and engaging experience social media platforms provide. Through Zlen, you create your social space adding only the people you want to, thereby creating your very own Zlen Club. Zlen has all the features a typical social media application would have and more – it lets you send messages individually and in groups, put up posts, create polls, change DPs and statuses, etc.

How does Zlen Champion Privacy?

Every user on sign-up is provided with a unique Zlen code. Unless you share the Zlen code with anyone, no one can search you by your name, number, or email ID, through the app (contrary to what is possible on most other social media & messaging platforms). You only share your Zlen code with your close friends and the people you want to add to your Zlen Club. Zlen takes it a level higher, In a group, if there are members who are not connected via the Zlen Code, these members cannot see each other’s profiles and only show up as *Someone on Zlen* to each other. It works the same way when you like and comment on a friend’s photo; to a person who is not connected with you on Zlen , you again show up as *Someone on Zlen*.

‎Zlen - Micro Social Space
‎Zlen - Micro Social Space

Even while chatting with your friends, you can make use of the disappearing chats feature, which automatically erases the messages after the specified period which can be from 5 seconds to a week.

Through this, your digital footprint is kept minimal while you enjoy all social media features that a typical application would have. The best part is, you have your own space with your favourite people and no one can access that. Who said privacy and a fun social media experience don’t go hand-in-hand.

Why is Privacy Important?

It isn’t surprising if most of us have stories of unsavory & bad experiences on various social media platforms. From unwanted DMs to stalking to messages taken out of context to spamming comments, it’s sad but all these have become increasingly common. This kind of space is damaging to our mental health and discourages us from using social media. Not just that, with the information that is made public through this social media (virtually for the whole world to see), one’s privacy and security are always compromised to a degree no matter how private you keep your account.

With the growing toxicity in social media every single day that is being an increasing number of users, there’s no better time than now to step back and consider a space where you can be yourself without having any apprehensions or disturbances.

Zlen - Micro Social Space
Zlen - Micro Social Space

Zlen aims to revolutionize the way we use social media going ahead. Think of Zlen as that space with your closest friends where you can do all the fun things together without having to worry about the interference of anyone. Zlen focuses on enabling quality conversations and sharing of one’s life with people who uplift you.

A new dawn is approaching for social media and Zlen  is leading from the front.

Jassica Dean

Jassica is an Editor of AppStory (Digital marketing Agency Ahmedabad) , She has been contributing for several years to well-known platforms like App Story & CEO Interview Platform Dataflow, Dzone & B2C and a leading AppStory & Review Magazine.

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