4 things to know before starting with mobile app development

4 things to know before starting with mobile app development

Mobile applications are soaring in numbers ever since inception so it’s possible you might’ve missed some of the recent industry updates. App development is a complete business process in itself that you simply couldn’t dump solely on the developers.

Every step must be organised, strategized and serve the end purpose. Before plunging in the world of mobile app development in Dubai, it’s important gauging the final outcome in advance for which understanding a few points is essential so let’s have a look!

  1. Platform selection

Choosing from the best available platform can be downright confusing but between the Android and iOS, imagine an all-inclusive and deeper User Interface (UI) to deliver specifically per the application. The choice wouldn’t just influence the developers but affects flexibility and scope of the app from its entirety. With this, coding would further factor in the utility and adaptability your app would offer in the end.

  1. Reason for app development

Although sounds like least important, briefing developers about the very purpose of the application making would clear out the necessary steps to be involved. Here, defining the variations between the actual desktop website and the application is extremely important.

There has to be a strategic clarity on the element of distinctiveness compared with likewise and pre-existing applications in the market. That being said, the app should align perfectly to the business objectives and how it’s going to achieve the goal in combination.

  1. Ways to generate revenue from an app

It’s obvious that all your hard work and that of the resources must be rewarded for which you should find out different ways to make the app profitable in the long run. Strategies such as private advertisements within the application like the Pay-Per-Click views would surely help in achieving a healthy profit. Also determine if the app would be free-of-cost or users would are to be charged a specific amount each time they download it. Free downloads must be given in start or perhaps limited-time offers and trial version validity.

  1. Cost of app development

Plenty of factors are considered in determining cost of mobile app development in Dubai or anywhere around the world. All these aspects must be carefully analysed before defining the budget limitations. Ensure all the decisions you take are strategically-aligned and logical. Here’s how to ensure;

  • Decide if the users would require login option per their accounts on social media which means you might need integrating the social icons in the app.
  • Precisely jot down the standards if users are to create a personal profile within the application. In this scenario, users would enter certain details and credentials thus agreeing to the public viewing.
  • If you need merging the app to the basic website, there’s certainly a need to make an Application Programming Interface (API) allowing all users the two-way communication solution and a solid platform.
  • Brainstorm on the design standards for mobile applications per its utility.


With all these things in consideration, your mobile app is likely to be least fragile and more perfect thus returning just the values and core corporate objectives.



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