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Interview With Manish Patel CEO Of Concetto Labs

Concetto Labs is India’s leading web and mobile app development company that has expertise in Agile technology. Mr. Manish Patel, Co-Founder of Concetto Labs, has gotten a lot done in the last 4 years since the inception of Concetto Labs, blazing trails with each step. Started in 2014, the aim of this company is to provide unbeatable App Development services and create a stellar customer experience.

Apart from the customers, Mr. Patel believes in having a strong team with a positive working ecosystem to develop the best application software. These traits are essential for their operations, growth, and success. In less than ten years, Concetto Labs reached the pinnacle of mobile app development companies with premium Flutter and native apps development. Our excerpt of an interview with the leader of Concetto Labs will talk about his take on the Indus, company, and ideology among several other questions.

Website Name: Concetto Labs
Owner Name: Manish Patel
Phone No: +91 (958) 677 7575
Official Email:

How do you define your role at Concetto Labs?

Being the Director and Co-Founder of Concetto Labs, there is a myriad of roles to play. The best part of it is that I get to do something I am deeply passionate about every day. I think this is the dream for most individuals, and I have been blessed to have an organization with highly supportive members. My role involves overseeing the company’s management processes as well as taking strategic decisions regarding business development. I also have a role to play in the general strategic development of the company and represent it at various meetings or conventions.

What has been the biggest achievement in your career?

Concetto Labs has achieved a lot in a very short time, but I’ll try to highlight the most significant achievements.  We have honed our expertise in live streaming apps as well as constructions app development over the years. Some of the past projects include AnyFace and Skrachy in live streaming. We have also worked with PPM in the construction industry.

What does your work process look like? How does your team go about client demands and timelines?

Our method of operating involves four stages: Research + Strategy, Designing + Development, Testing + Delivery, and Training + Deployment.

Using Agile tech we develop software for clients as per their unique demands. JIRA and Mantis are two solutions we employ for task management and bug management respectively. These help us state a realistic timeline of delivery to the clients from the beginning to the end.

Do you counsel your clients regarding the best plan for their app development demands?

Our clients have two options to pick from in mobile app development: native (Android or iOS ) and hybrid (Flutter) apps. Our teams try to assess the requirements and unique business of our customers and then recommend the best medium for them. Generally, Flutter (a hybrid app development platform) is the preferred choice since it can be deployed promptly due to the single source code that helps us handle both iOS and Android apps efficiently.

Would you recommend Native or Hybrid apps to clients?

Going with the technological needs of today’s clients, Hybrid app development (Flutter) is highly recommended for many reasons. Hybrid apps have a lot more benefits over native solutions, such as being price-friendly, single-code based, prompt delivery, and more. We personally prefer to work with hybrid apps with the exception of requirements where they cannot provide the functionalities a client needs.

How do Your clients choose between Native or Hybrid apps?

The choice is highly subjective and differs from client to client. We counsel our clients to give them all the information they need to know about Native & Cross-Platform App Development to help them arrive at a proper decision.

 How do you create your pricing models?

The pricing model of Concetto Labs tries to reach every type of customer at their comfort level. We charge based on the project duration, but also have models for hourly, time-bound and resource-based, or a fixed pricing systems. To put it simply, our pricing models for app development are one of the most flexible across the industry.

How helpful are the mobile apps developed by your team, for enhancing your clients’ business?

The apps our teams create helps the client to improve their business substantially while enhancing their customer experience. Since most of our works involve service offerings, the end-user is our final judge. The service menu technology and applications are created in the best way so that clients can appease and retain their customers through a great user experience.

What according to you are the best practices to attain client satisfaction?

The customers know what they want and they already have an idea of the features; it is our job to help them achieve the perfect application by integrating these ideas into our tech. What we work on the most is to establish clear communication so that the client can course-correct as they see the progress of the application development. Following industry best practices is a mandatory part of business, but we do much more than that by going beyond the call of duty to produce excellence.

How do Concetto Labs keep up with technological changes?

Being a flutter app development company, we find it easy to transition into changes because of our expert developers. It is critical for us to stay updated regarding the industrial best practices and enhance the quality of service we provide. We rely on our customers to provide regular feedback and learn from them.

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