How to Develop Apps for Children and Avoid Typical Mistakes?

Many experienced mobile app developers and designers having experience of making dozens of apps in their careers face difficulties while building apps for children.

There can be thousands of groundbreaking ideas in their mind that can shine against their competitors in the mobile app development companies.

However, it is always difficult for an app development company to match the expectation level of children belonging to different stages of life.

Almost every company focus on the target audience keeping in mind the scope of the app, but many of them fail because of not meeting the creativity level.

We all know animation, graphics, color themes, designs, etc. marks the attractiveness of the app, but is it the only metric that decides the life of an app in the hands of the children?

“The answer is NO!”

Right from the toddler age to old adult age, a child obtains elements of emotions with the growing period. For example,

  • Age 3 to 10 – Playfulness
  • Age 11 to 15 – Imagination and ingenuity
  • Age 16 to 23 – Passion

The mobile app development companies make age group based apps, takes care of every single characteristic and behavior of children for launching a better interactive product.

Now, also if they fail, then it is not their fault. Actually, we are making mistakes and don’t exactly know what do children need?

Let’s Solve Mistake Number 1

Today, children right from birth are in terms with the technology, learn, read, write, play, understand and groom themselves through technological means.

The industry of child app market currently has access to $2.2 billion, and app developers or the development companies have a good scope in this development field at least for coming the next ten years.

Before marking the typical mistakes of child app development, I would like to break down a few common myths which should never be in our mind before planning out the development based upon an idea.

  • A young child under the age of 5 can’t control the device and innovative apps.
  • Parents don’t allow their children to play games.
  • Children don’t use mobile devices for learning and education.
  • Children use specific apps in their iOS and Android smartphone.

Children develop faster than adults and the exact age you must pick to fulfill your goals as a mobile app development company varies from 5 to 20 years of age group.

Bookmark In Your Mind: If I as a consumer had to search app development near me, then I would sign my deal with that company who doesn’t follow these myths, takes care of web application security and avoid the mistakes while developing apps.

Kinds Of Apps: Interact And Avoid Mistake

Most of us know the types of apps used by children. Every development company tends to think, develop and redevelop the apps with extra features.

But, young mobile app development companies are focusing more on games while children from the age of 10 years are busy in playing PUBG!

Additionally, the competition in the gaming app industry is vast and getting a huge break is difficult unless you don’t have an extraordinary idea to beat Thanos sized market.

Thus, it is better to stick at a regional level in the app development and try to bring more child users with these kinds of apps.

  • Skill development apps
  • Educational apps
  • Encourage imagination and creative play
  • Photography apps
  • Build social network apps
  • Travel apps
  • Food and drink apps
  • Sports apps
  • Lifestyle apps
  • Entertainment apps
  • Video watching apps
  • Finally, gaming apps

Bookmark In Your Mind: If yours’s a newly established app development company then try converting local children’s into users by knowing more what kind of apps and features they want to use?

Never Forget, Always Keep Parents In Mind

Create an app for kids, but don’t forget to keep their parents in mind!

You must also consider the app’s look in the chosen market, the kind of description you will write and the logo or icon you’ll add. These are important because parents of toddlers, preschoolers, and grade schoolers are the deciding factors whether an app should be installed or not.

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Moreover, their orientation is also towards the app’s safety feature, creativity, and quality. Thus, app and web development security are highly important; otherwise, parents are smart enough to block the apps via parental control tools and apps.

“The age of any app is decided by its creativity, themes, designs, quality, interactive features, the scope of time engagement, and app’s security.”

Monetizing A Children App: How To Make An App?

A lot of resources suggests that monetizing a children’s app might become tricky. However, it is necessary to know whether monetizing a kid’s app is a mistake or not?

In-app purchase is the most inefficient method of monetizing a kids app. Selling something to children via an app seems a bad idea because they aren’t the decision-makers. Most importantly, parents who find debits in their accounts will always choose to uninstall the app.

A lot of developers avoid creating children’s applications because finding out the right approach to earn money in child apps is a bit difficult.

Bookmark In Your Mind: Paid apps or Monthly/Yearly Subscriptions!

Most of the children’s apps include paid or subscription monetizing model. It is the most relaxed way you can leave the decision to parents and chances of getting a positive decision in favor of subscriptions and paid are more while it also avoids the intentional uninstalls.

How To Make An App While Using Gamification?

It is true that gaming apps are the most powerful apps among the children’s of age 5 to 20 years. Likewise, social media apps, video streaming apps, etc. are also popular among children.

These apps are always live and keep your presence online on the internet. A child might not understand the cyber threats that might arrive in the mobile via his/her app, but parents certainly understand it.

The concept of applying the elements of gameplay to non-gaming activities for increasing the app and web application security is called Gamification. It makes your app more adaptive, funny, interactive, increase the friendly-environment and improve the security of the app.

“However, the biggest challenge with this is its high cost which can’t let it operate fully in public.”

Thus, if you can provide this security feature in the child apps, then you might get the chance to become one of the best app development company who knows how to develop apps for children and avoid typical mistakes?


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