Effective Way: How to Secure Android Phone Device

Apple phones are secure!

Well, that is a general perception that is quite popular among people. It is true to a large extent. With an amazing operating system like iOS, iPhones provide a very user-friendly and a safe browsing experience to its users.  While Android phones are very famous amongst the masses as well, the devices lack some security element. So, one has to employ certain tricks to keep the devices safe. I was recently having a look at Cox Internet Plans when a link directed me to an article that had an ‘Apple vs. Samsung’ debate as the theme. Upon reading it, I came across a topic that I felt I should conduct more research on. And here I am, discussing the various ways by which you can secure your android phone device.

Complex Screen Lock

Security starts from the locked screen. Come up with a complex passcode or a swipe pattern so no stranger is able to log in to your phone in the first place. The worst ideas would be to set your date of birth as a passcode or your name initials as a swipe pattern. It should be as unique and complex as possible. Use a combination of alphabets and numerics when setting a passcode. Make a gibberish kind of pattern but one that you remember as well. You do not want to lock yourself out of your phone. Do you?

Have Alternative Login Options

Do not restrict yourself to one login option. Opt for a fingerprint apart from passcode, for instance. Some recent mobile devices even provide you with the option to set face detection or iris scan as your alternative login option. This has many advantages. Apart from being an extra layer of security, an alternative login option can be resorted to in case you forget your passcode.

Find My Device

It is very important for you to enable this feature on your android phone device. There are many advantages to this feature. Not only does it enable you to locate your phone if you have lost it, but you can also delete important and private data from the phone via this feature. To enable this feature, you need to add your Google account to the android phone device. Once done, enable the ‘location’ feature and you are good to go.

Lock Your Apps

It is crucial that you lock not only the phone but the individual apps as well. This is especially important for apps that you believe hold private information or pictures. This feature acts as a security layer and protects your private information from people who have stolen your device and have somehow bypassed your locked mobile. In this way, your private information will be secured unless the robbers find a way to break into these locked apps as well.

Do Not Disclose Your Location

It is dangerous to share your location on different apps. In fact, many apps keep tracking you even when you are not logged into them. They do so by seeking your permission to run the geolocation in the background even when you are not using a particular app. Giving someone so much authority to be able to locate you can prove to be rather dangerous. So, avoid enabling the geolocation feature for every app.

It is Free but Dangerous

I am referring to the free public Wi-Fi connections. They might tempt you and you would want to connect your mobile device to it to enjoy free internet for some time. But this can prove to be dangerous ion the long run. However, you can connect to the public Wi-Fi that is protected by a password. Approach the management and ask them the username and password for the Wi-Fi. If the Wi-Fi is not protected by a password, then you are inviting criminals to barge into your private data stored in the mobile.

The list, however, cannot be confined to the above-mentioned techniques. Other ways of securing your mobile device are to create multiple user accounts and not sharing excessive information on social media. This information includes your check-ins and your travel details. You never know that someone out there is tracking you and by sharing such details, you are making the job easier for the tracker. An COX bundle deals, hence, would be to employ as many techniques or tactics as are possible for you too. As they say, prevention is better than cure. So it’s better to take preventive measures now rather than suffering later.



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