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Top 10 Best & Useful Android and iOS Apps for Bicycle Lovers

Cycling revolution on smartphones. With the ability to simplify the simplest cycle layout, you can make the easy ride and ride trips, way paths, top of your training, and record the smartphone.

New cycling applications continue to flood in the market. Want to register your ride, track your training or want to disturb your local council to improve roads? There is an application. Currently, there is a list of the most effective Bicycle applications for bike lovers. Correct your bike from planning lanes and navigation here’s something for everyone.Use it on iPhone and iPad (iOS), Android or Windows or any.

1) Strava:

The most popular GPS cycling apps provide an easy ride logging functionality and upload your online streaming profile. When traveling, your travel statistics are monitored when traveling from speed, time and distance. Once your ride is over, you can find additional statistics like burning calories and higher risk-you set up a new record in many stream sections.

‎Strava: Run, Ride, Swim
‎Strava: Run, Ride, Swim
Developer: Strava, Inc.
Price: Free+

2) Relive:

If a stream or Garmin connector or pole, if you upload a straw, you see faster, heart rate, and see if the energy data is finishing from 3d draws.
3) CycleMaps:

Using the resources like OpenCycleMaps and CycleStreets, CycleMaps simplifies your cycle in a very straightforward and secure way. You can add a simple or B or multiple routes or ‘via’ points. If you imagine a slow and elegant ride, it will find the right path or quick guide or quick way of training. Also available as an online making tool.

Developer: motocode ltd
Price: Free+

4) Map My Ride:

Map My Ride is one of the original ride-lugging services, and despite the heavy competition from the stream on your phone, it still offers a lot more. Your ride includes data, including distance, speed, height, size of the application. If you want detailed analysis and other users, all of these can be uploaded through My Maps. Like Strava, the ink byte is also called time courses, and you can try faster.

5) Wahoo fitness:

Use the Wahoo app to monitor your challenges, connect it to the Bluetooth sensors such as heart rate monitors, speed sensors and some power meters. If you use your devices Ant +, the Wahoo Wahoo Key plugin can be used.

The Wahoo application is compatible with others-such as Strawa, MyFitness Milk and Training Peaks, so you can upload your ride there. Customizable pages so you can see all of your data, and the GPS maps board.

‎Wahoo Fitness
‎Wahoo Fitness
Developer: Wahoo Fitness
Price: Free

6) ViewRanger:

This application allows users and experts interested to browse the world around the world. Application purchase, customers can buy premium maps of RSS feeds. You need to make sure you have more space on your smartphone, so the files are too big.

‎ViewRanger: Hike, Bike or Walk
‎ViewRanger: Hike, Bike or Walk

7) Cyclemeter:

This complete exercise app uses GPS devices for Apple devices that can help you create your own cycling performance. Records are a real training partner with speed, time, distance and integration. The application and announcements are built, so do not take your eyes on the road to see what you are doing. Registered data can be uploaded to strava and other ride-sharing websites.

‎Cyclemeter - Cycling & Running
‎Cyclemeter - Cycling & Running

8) Garmin Connect:

The Garmin connection software can be shared between your mobile device and the Garmin GPS device. The link nucleus GPS displays the weather information and ads on your handle. Maps, Maps, Maps etc LiveTrack Weekly Challenges, when you run wireless upload operations: maps, maps, maps, etc. The karting device goes from the mobile device.

9) Fill That Hole:

Some road bicycles can make a pitchless ride on their local highway, the struggle to convey moral barriers to the drawing Hall. The National Citizen Charity Company has created the UK’s most useful application which allows you to report issues to local authorities. You’re charging. We tried, it worked.

10) Cycle Hire:

This standalone processor created by Alexander Bakerheim is a systematic use of the London bicycle rental program, specifically a guide. This will help you get a friendly cycle hair cutting station from a specific location, but say what the bikes and spaces are in the diagram of the Bible. You can also use your biking rental account details, including recent trips.


Here is the list of best apps for bicycle lovers. If you like this list please share your comments.


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