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Engage power of Facial Recognition for Credible Clientele

Online businesses are at greater risk these days than ever before. It is not even necessary that such businesses need to conduct business online. Banks and financial institutions that use digital resources to store their huge database of client information are also at risk of losing crucial information due to sophisticated hacking attacks that originate on a regular basis.

Most of the time, individuals use the identity of another person to access such vital information. Rapid diagnostics are performed to check for vulnerabilities of an organization and are exploited afterward for monetary gains. Lesser sophisticated individuals just use fake identity documents or financial information to buy products from e-commerce websites or avail services from web platforms / mobile applications.

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KYC services from Shufti Pro are a perfect safeguard to eliminate this risk posed by online trolls and professional cybercriminals. Below are some of the points that will help strengthen the case of Shufti Pro as your preferred choice to perform online identity verification of your customers

AI-based KYC verification

Shufti Pro uses Artificial Intelligence to provide verification results for its various services and solutions. This adds an additional layer of security for our customers by identifying and rejecting false positives. Facial recognition and OCR based data extraction put Shufti Pro in an altogether different league as compared to other identity verification services. Machine Learning algorithms facilitate the verification process for identity documents as well as handwritten notes verification.

Real-Time Verification

Shufti pro collects vital personal information from end-users in less than 30 seconds and once the information is received over highly secure data gateways, it is processed and verified in real-time. So that end-users don’t have to wait for even a few minutes to get verified and start using amazing services of our customers. It is a win-win situation for both our customers and the end-users. Our customers get a reliable clientele without any unnecessary waiting period for the verification process to be completed.

Worldwide Availability

Shufti Pro is not limited to a group of countries or a specific region. It can verify the identity of every person on the face of the earth. It is available in every country of the world and can validate the official identity document issued by every government in the world.

Shufti Pro possesses Global Language Support which means that it can read and verify credentials written on an identity document of the world. It is an added advantage of businesses and companies that are operating in multiple countries and want to engage an identity verification service that can operate without any geographical limitations. Even, if you plan to expand your business into new territories, Shufti Pro is perfectly suited to your expansion plans as well.

Shufti Pro must be the first choice of any company or online business that is looking to avail services from a KYC verification company. It has both the practical expertise as well as technical acumen to handle the most crucial aspect of your business: ascertaining the legitimacy of customers and cutting down on business risks in favor of higher profits.

Amelia Matther

Amelia Matthers is a tech enthusiast that has hands on experience in marketing of various KYC verification and online identity services. With a focus on educating businesses about the threats involved with online frauds and identity theft, Amelia has worked extensively to propagate large scale adaption of innovative KYC and AML compliance solutions. Always a keen learner and seeker of an online marketplace free of online frauds, David is go-to-guy for identity verification and KYC verification.


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