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How To Create Video Calling App- Features & Cost

From what was previously only used as needed, the best video calling applications are currently being intensively used by companies for meetings. Not a few companies or government agencies implement a meeting policy using video calls and even several campuses also use it for teaching and learning activities.

The current video call application is certainly a very important need for corporate and educational sectors amid the increasing spread of deadly Coronavirus. To stop the spread of the virus, the Government has imposed lockdown across the country and allowed all the industries like BPO, Banking & Finance, IT companies, etc., to work from home or commonly called work from home (WFH) due to the Covid-19 pandemic. All the schools, colleges, universities, and institutes across the country are using Video calling apps to continue teaching activities.

Of course, this technology greatly facilitates many companies in communicating and working remotely or through face-to-face distance. Before facing the new normal, of course, because of the convenience and sophistication of the features provided by the random video call application.

And interestingly, some of the best video calling applications are available on smartphones and are functional on PC and laptops. So, what are the best video calling applications?

Zoom Cloud Meeting, Skype, Google Meet, and WhatsApp are the most popular video calling applications widely used in professional and personal life.

Looking at the growing demand for video calling apps, various businesses are building their own app to create a huge customer base.

If you are also planning to build Video Calling App like Zoom for your business then you have made a good decision. It is the right time to enter into this business.

Here in this article, we will discuss the cost and features to build video calling app like Zoom-

Before we start, let’s have a look at some interesting facts about Zoom.

  • Zoom generated $2.6 billion in revenue in 2020, a 317 percent increase in year-on-year
  • Zoom was one of the fastest-growing apps of the pandemic, with meeting participants increasing by 2900 percent
  • It has 470,000 business customers as of December 2020
  • Zoom’s valuation exceeded $100 billion during the pandemic, a 383 percent increase on its value in January 2020

Here are some important features and technologies that you can consider in your video calling app-

Must-have Features of Messaging App:

  1.    Profile: Users can create their own profile where they update and add their details and a profile picture.
  2.    VOIP Phone Calls: VoIP or Voice-over-Internet-Protocol is the most useful feature that uses the internet to make multimedia calls. This feature will let your users make a voice call over internet protocol, instead of traditional phone lines or cellular networks.
  3.    Video Call: This is the must-have feature that will let your users make video calls directly to communicate with individuals.
  4.  Group Calls: This feature will make your users able to create group calls using a phone contact. Users can make Group voice/video call from the contact anywhere anytime using the internet.
  5.    Cloud Service Sync: Almost every messaging app has this feature. You should also integrate this feature in your messaging app to monitor and store backup & sync data in the cloud so that the users can keep the conversation going from their phone, smartwatch, tablet, or computer.
  6.    Multimedia Support: This is the best way to make your messaging app more useful and enjoyable. Feature your messaging app with multimedia support to send the file in the form of various formats of video, images, Gifs, voice notes, animation, documents, contact, and location.
  7.    Geolocation Integration: Integrate this feature in your messaging app to let your users send and receive real-time current or live location.
  8.   Calendar Synchronization: This feature will keep users reminded of that event or other activities they have saved in the messaging app.
  9.  In-app Purchase: This feature in the messaging application helps the user to make the In-App purchases such purchases can be done for icon packs or emotes in the messaging application. Also, these purchases can be made to the font style of a particular text style.
  10. Search Users: Using this feature, users can use the app to search for their friends in the contact list.
  11. Block– This feature will let your users block contacts that you aren’t disturbed by calls or texts from the blocked number.

Cost of Building Video Calling App Like Zoom Cloud Meeting 

Here considering all the features we have come with a rough estimation. The cost of video calling app development is around $35,000 (in India), including all essential and advanced features.

Based on around 700 hours of development, the regions wise average cost is as follow-

  • USA and Canada ($97,500) – $150 per hour
  • Western Europe and UK ($66,625) – $102 per hour
  • Australia ($65,000) – $100 per hour
  • Eastern Europe ($55,250) – $85 per hour
  • India ($30,000) – $45 per hour


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