Google Duo – High Quality Video Calls App Review

Idea Behind This App

Today, we’re releasing Google Duo a simple 1-to-1 video calling app offered for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. The duo takes the completeness out of video occupation so that you’ll be along within the moment where you’re.


Seller: Google, Inc.
Price: Free
Size: 87.6 MB
Installs : 500,000,000+
Category: Social Networking
Compatibility: Needs iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad


google Duo

Simple interface

The duo is The duo from beginning to end. To get started, all you would like is your phone number and you’ll be ready to connect people in your phone’s contacts list. No separate account is needed, thus you’ll sign in exactly a number of steps. From there, you’ll instantly begin a video decision with a single tap.

Video message

All you have got to try to depart a video message on Google Duo is press record. Then, the opposite person can get a notification that they need a video awaiting them.
To watch a video message, simply click on the person’s image. Once you watch it, you’ll need the choice to save it to your camera roll.
One different nice feature: Once you’re done observation, a button can appear within the video that permits you call the person back directly.

Quick and reliable

We all know how it feels once a call fails to attach or once video gets stomy. We’ve built Duo to be quick and reliable, so video calls connect quickly and work well even on slow networks. Call quality adjusts to ever-changing network conditions to stay you connected — once information measure is restricted, Duo will gracefully reduce the resolution to stay the call going smoothly.
For video calls on the go, Duo will switch between Wi-Fi and cellular data automatically while not dropping your call. You’ll begin your call at home, and continue seamlessly even once you head out the door.

Human style

Google Duo is a very intuitive and really easy to use video occupation application that works completely on Android and iOS mobile devices. The opposite main feature is what google is asking ‘Knock Knock’. once you receive a callus from a contact, Knock Knock activates the camera on the other finish before you answer the call, th you get a heads up before you answer the call. consider it as a video call display. No different application has this feature and is exclusive to Duo.

Seamless communication

The real attractiveness to Google Duo is it’s simplicity. Since Duo do i issue,, it’s determined to try to do it well. The interface is clean and has only one real focus: realize a contact as easily as possible and so initiate a video chat.
The image and sound quality do rely upon your coverage, however, that is to be expected and once in a strong coverage space, the image is crisp and clean, the audio spotless. Even once coverage is weaker, the audio comes through pristine thus whereas the video might lag a pixelate a touch.

Google Meet
Google Meet
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free


  • The innovative knock knock feature permits you to see who is calling before you answer
  • Very simple interface to use
  • Specialized to work specifically on your mobile phone or tablet so there’s nothing you don’t need and everything is directed to one purpose: creating video calls


  • No choice to decline a video call with audio or text message
  • No compelling reason for IOS users modify to Duo from Facetime for calling other iOS users
  • Each users need to have Duo installed to start the voice call
‎Google Meet
‎Google Meet
Developer: Google
Price: Free


Google video is completely different from other for their voice record message features. This feature is extremely helpful for busy people.

Providing a secure, private environment for connecting together with your favorite, Google Duo relies on simplicity and efficacy and will likely be a worthy rival a number of the a lot of disreputable messaging and video calling apps on the market.

Designed to accustom quick, participating in communication with friends, co-workers and family, the app is a helpful conversation tool whether you’re on the go or in the comfort of your home.

Read more  About Google Duo HERE

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