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DigiLocker App Review – A Free Digital Locker Facility from Govt

The idea behind This App

DigiLocker is a “digital locker” service operated by the Government of India that enables Indian citizens to store certain official documents on the cloud. The service is aimed towards reducing the need to carry physical documents, and is part of the government’s Digital India initiative.

Here you can save your document in digital (certificate/Document) copy format. Here you can delete and upload your document anytime anywhere by the help of given very useful, user-friendly dashboard.

Website main purpose is every Indian citizen can have one centralize document where he/she can store your all information like any type documents, Indian Government also offering 1 GB free cloud storage to everyone new digilocker Sign UP users.

If you want to save your extra document like images or another type text document then you can save here, this is support various format like JPEG, gif, text, DOC, PDF and many others.

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Key Features of digital locker system (Digilocker):

  • 1). Free Lifetime 1 GB cloud storage for documents.
  • Direct link your UID Number, Direct sign in by help UID Number or OTP password which you got on registred mobile number
  • Share your Document with globally with anyone by the help of share link or email.
  • eSign Service direct by the help of OTP confirmation.
  • The government approved personalize profile which you can show the front of anyone or anywhere.
  • Document Issuer and Requester Service.


Price: Free

Structure of the digital locker

  • Each user’s digital locker has the following sections.
  • My Certificates: This section has two subsections:
  • Digital Documents: This contains the URI’s of the documents issued to the user by government departments or other agencies.
  • Uploaded Documents: This subsection lists all the documents which are uploaded by the user. Each file to be uploaded should not be more than 10MB in size. Only pdf, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp and gif file types can be uploaded.
  • My Profile: This section displays the complete profile of the user as available in the UIDAI
  • My Issuer: This section displays the issuers’ names and the number of documents issued to the user by the issuer.
  • My Requester: This section displays the requesters’ names and the number of documents requested from the user by the requesters.
  • Directories: This section displays the complete list of registered issuers and requesters along with their URLs.

Is DigiLocker Really Safe? Or Security measures of DigiLocker

Following are the security measures] used in the system

  • 256 Bit SSL Encryption
  • Mobile Authentication based Sign Up
  • ISO 27001 certified Data Centre
  • Data Redundancy
  • Timed Log Out
  • Security Audit

Benefits of DigiLocker

Now I need to tell you what are some of the real benefits of DigiLocker service that I found personally.

  1. DigiLocker will ensure the authenticity of the documents and thereby eliminate any usage of fake documents.
  2. All your e-documents are available anytime and anywhere through a web portal or a handheld device.
  3. The architecture of this service is open and interoperable hence it makes easy to share documents across different departments.
  4. It ensures the privacy of the stored documents (debated in coming paragraph).
  5. The personal storage space is up to 10 MB hence you can store all your important documents.
  6. Now RTO office can issue your driving certificate and upload the document in your required repository.
  7. Finally, you can also see the list of issuers who issued documents to you and also requesters who accessed your documents.
  8. Yes, the service is absolutely free.

All about  Infomation, we have collected from a source of website and Wikipedia website. you can find below


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