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Protecting your kid’s psychological health via monitoring applications

Protecting your kid’s psychological health via monitoring applications

While some parents believe that keeping their children physically safe is the best way to protect them, they are sorely mistaken. Their physical health is as important as their emotional well-being...
Top 5 Google Play Store Alternatives

Top 5 Google Play Store Alternatives

Google Play is hands down the one stop destination online to try out the latest and greatest Android apps. But there are times when Play Store cannot let you in, to...

Top 5 Alternative Apps for YouTube

The YouTube Android app has come a long way since the dismal app of the Froyo days. It’s not perfect now, but it definitely gets the job done well enough. In any...

Top 7 Whatsapp Alternative Apps

As everybody knows, WhatsApp is most popular messaging app all around the world. Every day it comes with latest updates to make it user-friendly. Messaging apps are a great way to...

The 5 Best lifestyle iOS Apps

Interior Design for iPad Interior Design for iPad by Black Mana Studios is the #1 best-selling lifestyle app in the US, UK, Canada and 14 other countries! Interior Design for iPad is a...
iphone games

Download these 5 free iPhone games from the App Store right now

We were gifted with another stellar week of game releases on the App Store yesterday. Not only do we get a free mobile version of the popular Dynasty Warriors franchise, but...
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Contus Fly – A Reaydmade Solution to Build Instant Messaging App

Contus Fly is an instant messaging app building solution. It is engineered considering the growing need for enterprises, online stores, social circles and private...