Whatsapp users won’t Lose Messages and Data When they are logged in Login

Whatsapp has become an indispensable part of mobile communication in our day to day life days. It has changed the way we used to chat with each other and the advancement...
Digital Purchase Order Apps

Digital Purchase Order Apps, synchronizing you anywhere – DPO App

Digital Purchase Order makes the purchasing workflow much more simple and streamlined. The app version of this product realizes that purchasing managers and decision makers are not always able to be...
YouTube App alternatives

5 Best YouTube App Alternatives for iPhone

For the apple users, here are some of the best YouTube App Alternatives. We analyzed their top feature and why we decided to include them in this top 5 list. 1.iTube For those...
Protecting your kid’s psychological health via monitoring applications

Protecting your kid’s psychological health via monitoring applications

While some parents believe that keeping their children physically safe is the best way to protect them, they are sorely mistaken. Their physical health is as important as their emotional well-being...
Top 5 Google Play Store Alternatives

Top 5 Google Play Store Alternatives

Google Play is hands down the one stop destination online to try out the latest and greatest Android apps. But there are times when Play Store cannot let you in, to...

Top 5 Alternative Apps for YouTube

The YouTube Android app has come a long way since the dismal app of the Froyo days. It’s not perfect now, but it definitely gets the job done well enough. In any...


Go back Apple, we don’t need you and your diva act

Tim Cook must be out of his mind. A smartphone is a smartphone is a smartphone. Like a rose by any other name is...