Paper Tips: How to Choose the Right Paper

Everything begins on the paper. The virtual reality of it, the detailing of the plan, smooth plain upon which the pen rubs to give-off the edges of the desired goal- all of it starts on the paper. The elegance of the hand-made sheet is quite different from the roughness of a water-coloured sheet. The glossiness of a photo-paper is variable to the simple, coarse paper of our daily use. Sheets of paper are important for different types of work. Their composition, texture and appearance determine the authenticity and the impression of the work upon the person it is being presented to. Hence, in order to find the perfect right paper for your printer, we at, provide a range of different materials which can be used to find your printer’s perfect match.


With this kind of paper, you can say goodbye to smudged inks and hello to amazing printing. Used in our day-to-day life, Matte paper has a type of white coating over it, allowing the ink to dry quickly, thereby reducing the inky-smudging.

2.) Glossy Paper

Photos on a matte paper do not leave a lasting impression, nor do they have a sense of importance to it. However, with the best quality of Glossy Paper available at our website, we can help you produce sharp edges and beautiful contrasted pictures. With gloss absorbing the ink, the pictures printed will have a beautiful finish to it.

3.) Bright White Paper

Hate the paper wastage in the office? Believe in the motto of “Save paper, save trees”? Our online shop has the plentiful stock of Bright White Paper, on which both sides can be easily printed. With smooth, non-textured surfaces, it allows the user to print on both sides without affecting the quality of the print. Because of its brightness, it is designed to make black text as well as other colours stand out on the page.

4.) Card Stock paper

Being heavy and sturdy paper, these types are perfect for the printing of important business cards. Due to its heaviness, ink does not go deep into the paper, making it a perfect choice for greetings and business cards.

5.) Resume Paper

If you want your resume, or proposal to stand out, this type of paper does the trick. Heavier and more expensive than the plain white paper, it has a typical creamy, ivory appeal to it, which means that to the employer that the person means head-on business.

With the careful selection from the above types of papers from our website, we can make sure that your find the perfect kind of paper for your printer.

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