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7 Cool Smartphone Hacks that Really Matters

Chances are, if you’ve been using a smartphone long enough, you would have figured out some of the most obvious ‘hacks’ that will make your life a little easier. To our mind, that includes options like stopping notifications from apps you don’t really use a lot, or even  restricting data usage on background apps by going to the data usage section of settings in your phone.

Some custom UI’s today are also quite good, making up for the extra baggage they bring to the phone by giving you valuable inputs on say, switching off apps that are heavy battery consumers, or data, or both also.

But here we have some simple hacks that will help both you and your phone.

  • Starting with the obvious ones, we have found that when you are in do not disturb mode, but not quite in a situation to switch off the phone or place it in airplane mode, putting it in battery saver mode is a great idea. Not only does this conserve battery life hugely, the automatic drop in ringing volume, notifications et al is amazing.
  • While on batteries, do you really need all those notifications? Especially the buzz they create each time. Try disabling them, or all but perhaps one or two, and you will see an immediate impact on your battery and drop in fidgety behaviour from you. And while on vibrations and battery, do you really need vibrations on your keypad. Drop them, as over time, if you area really fast typing owner, vibrations can back up, making a mess of what you are trying to write.
  • On an android, between Google Drive and Photos, you should never have to worry about losing data, really. Just enable saving on mobile net too, and assign backup duties between these two amazing apps. And if you ever run short of space, then consider using one of the many more cloud storage options out there.
  • Coming to your phone’s camera, you do know that android phone cameras are a huge improvement over their predecessors from three years back, right? So use it for everything you can. Take pictures of ‘things to do’ take a picture of the final plan for action written on a board after your office meeting, and more. Use the camera as your memory assistant, taking out the post it from your life.
  • What’s more, be it an android phone or an Apple phone, you have the option to make the volume button your camera click. That should make taking those selfies all that easier, nah?
  • The best video streaming apps today, be it Amazon Prime, Netflix or more, give you the option to download their programmers to watch when you want, with or without a connection. Before flight or journeys to places with a spotty internet connection, it will be a good idea to download what you can. The next rule is obviously, never be seen or leave without your phone headphones.
  • Here’s a really useful tip. Forgotten to bring your best mobile phone charger, but have the USB cord with you? If you don’t have a laptop or other such nearby, never underestimate the joys of good old fashioned TV’s. Most TV’s shipped since 2014 will have a USB port, which, at a cinch, will also charge your phone. So don’t panic, look for it.

These were some quick hacks that can be really useful in situations. Hope you find it useful and informative.

Jassica Dean

Jassica is an Editor of AppStory (Digital marketing Agency Ahmedabad) , She has been contributing for several years to well-known platforms like App Story & CEO Interview Platform Dataflow, Dzone & B2C and a leading AppStory & Review Magazine.


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