Top 6 Best iPhone Apps You Can Use In 2017

Nowadays, Apple iPhone is a most popular smartphone. Everybody knows that apple app store has an extensive collection of apps. These apps cover the collection of entertainment, news, work and lifestyle etc. Some of these applications are very easy to use and will make your life happier and enjoyable. Are you looking for best iPhone cool Apps? Do you know that these apps are also used to handle work, help to your hobbies and responsibilities? Feeling amazed! Yes, nowadays it is very simple to handle your work and responsibilities on mobile by these useful apps. Just scroll down below to know the best iPhone apps that you can use in 2017.

Top 6 Best iPhone Apps You Can Use In 2017:-

  1. Cheap charts: – One of my favourite app. This app helps you to quickly see the prices offered by App stores and I tunes – Tv and movies, books etc.
  1. Journi: – This application act as a trip journal, travel diary and travel blog. You can create your blog and can share your adventures and travel experience. Your friends can follow you on this app to see the locales where you have visited before.
  1. Water minder: – As experts opinion, it is important to drink 8 to 9 glass of water on daily basis. Have you drunk 8 -9 glasses of water per day? If yes, then it’s really good. But most of us drink enough of the fine stuff as we think. This application helps you to remind daily water intake.
  1. Mapstr: – This application allows you just to save your locations in its built-in map. Moreover, it is also a bookmarking app to share your location favourites and for real world locations. This application allows you to share and trade your favourites with friends and family.
  1. Google my business: – This is really an amazing app for business owners. This will allow to control listings on Google maps and to manage reviews of customers. Here you can learn how to interact with customers and also you can verify business information.
  1. Change 4 life sugars smart: – This is one of the best applications for iPhone. We know that refined sugar is a horrible process but it’s really impossible to get know that how much sugar we are eating. But this app will make hopes to finding sugar content easier. Just use it for a day and you will get amazed.

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