Grocery Delivery Mobile App Development Cost and Features

The pandemic age has made mobile apps inevitable in our lives. Today we have an app for almost every daily task, but one of the most popular domains globally is on-demand grocery delivery apps. These apps reduce the time and effort of customers significantly as apps enable them to place orders online and get the delivery of groceries at their doorstep. From traveling a long to-and-fro distance to standing in long queues for check-out, the on-demand grocery delivery app facilitates your customers to eliminate the exhaustive process. 

As a grocery retailer or a grocery delivery startup owner, you can offer a lot of comfort and convenience to your customers through customized grocery delivery apps. However, there are a lot of processes involved in All you need to consult a reputed and reliable grocery delivery app development company. In this post, we are going to discuss some of the key features of the grocery delivery apps with major factors to consider for estimating the app development cost. 

Key Features of On-demand Grocery Delivery App

Any grocery delivery app has four different sections and each section has a different set of features. These four sections are- 

  1. Customer Panel- It has the following features-
  • Login or Register- Customers can register themselves by using email ID and phone number. They can also use social media credentials for making the registration process quick and simple. After a successful registration customers can make their profiles. 
  • Search and Filters- Advanced search feature with filters enables your customers to search for products across different categories. Filters for price, brand, size, and comparison of products make the navigation smooth and offer a hassle-free shopping experience to your customers. 
  • Order Tracking- Real-time monitoring of orders can enhance the customer’s trust in your business model. This feature also contributes to increasing the customer’s engagement. 
  • Push Notifications- Notifications keep your customers updated about new arrivals, festival discounts, and other promotional offers in a personalized way. 
  • Secure Payment- The on-demand mobile app development company integrates a payment gateway to ensure swift, secure, and seamless online payment. 
  • Delivery Timing Selection- This feature facilitates your customers to select the time slot for delivering groceries as per their convenience. 
  • In-app Calling/Chatting- It enables app users to contact delivery persons in real-time. 
  • Wish List- The app users can make a list of what they would like to buy in the future using this feature. 
  • Order History and Favorites- If the customer wants to repeat their orders, they can easily do so by going through the order history. Frequently purchased items can be saved in the Favorites section. 
  • Review and Ratings- App users can give ratings and reviews about your products and delivery service using this feature. It can help other customers make purchasing decisions. 

2. Delivery Person Panel- It has the following features-

  • Registration- The delivery persons can register themselves with contact details. 
  • Accept or Reject Requests- It facilitates delivery persons to accept or reject the delivery requests. 
  • Work History- Delivery persons can see their delivery history or get information about where they have delivered orders through this feature. 
  • Payment Log- It shows received payment and/or commission for order completion.
  • Delivery Notification- The store manager or vendor can receive a notification about the completion of the order along with the order number. 
  • In-app Calling/Chatting- Delivery persons can stay in touch with customers through this feature. 

3. Admin Panel- It consists of the following features-

  • Interactive Dashboard- It enables the Admin to monitor and manage the entire ordering and delivery process. The Admin can track orders and view the delivery status in real-time. 
  • Product and Payment Management- These features enable the Admin to manage all the products listed in the app. It is possible to enable, disable, add, or delete the products as per their availability. The payment management feature facilitates the Admin to manage all the transactions within the app including refunds. 
  • Order Management- It allows the Admin to assign orders to partner grocery stores and delivery persons. The Admin can also monitor the real-time status of order and amount earned per order through this feature. 
  • Inventory Management- It facilitates the Admin to check the real-time availability of all products to avoid a shortage of products. Grocery retailers can make the right and informed decision with the help of this feature. 

Other features of the Admin panel include app element modification, password reset, campaign management, and notification management. What’s more, the Admin can get real-time reports and analysis to find out whether the delivery network works efficiently and seamlessly. 

4. Vendor Panel- It has features identical to the delivery person’s app and the admin panel.

Order management, inventory management, and campaign management are the common features in the admin panel. Receiving orders and accepting/rejecting them is similar to the delivery person’s app. Apart from these features, the vendor or store panel has features like track payments, order reports, and order alerts for new orders. 

Cost-determining Factors for On-demand Grocery Delivery App

Like other on-demand apps, the grocery delivery app development cost depends on multiple factors including the number of features, UI/UX design cost, complexity and duration of apps, and the hourly rates of developers. Along with these aspects, platform (Android/iOS/cross-platform) selection and third-party integration are also important factors to consider for estimating the cost of grocery delivery apps. 

Talking about the technology stack, the on-demand grocery app requires the following technologies-

  • Push Notifications- Twilio
  • Database- MongoDB, Mailchimp (for sending emails)
  • Payment Gateway- PayPal, Stripe
  • Cloud Platform- AWS
  • Analytics- Google Analytics

An on-demand grocery delivery app development process takes approximately 2000 to 2400 hours. If we multiply it with the hourly rate of developers, then the on-demand grocery delivery app development cost in India and other countries, where the hourly rates are low, will remain anywhere between $25000 to $50000. This cost can be two or three times in the USA and Europe. However, the mobile app development company can give you the exact quote based on your grocery delivery app project requirements. 

Concluding Lines

As per the recent report, 35% of the user community prefers to order groceries online and the outbreak of COVID-19 has increased this rate rapidly across the world. It is fair to mention that grocery delivery is one of the highest revenue-generating businesses. If you want to make the most of the rising trend of on-demand grocery delivery services, this is the right time to come up with a user-friendly, on-demand grocery app.


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