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Interview With Rahim Makhani CEO and Managing Director Of Nevina Infotech

Give us a brief introduction about your company?

Ans. Nevin Infotech is the leading brand popular for developing mobile and web-based applications, and it also provides top-notch services. We have a team of professional and dedicated developers. We provide a very high-quality product on your budget. We provide a customer-centric solution to the clients. We provide app development for all the latest technologies such as Artificial intelligence, Ruby on Rails, Flutter, and many more. Our company was established in the year 2011, and Rahim Makhani is the founder and CEO of the company.


  • Respondent: Rahim Makhani
  • Designation: CEO and Managing Director
  • Email Id:
  • Company: Nevina Infotech Pvt. Ltd
  • Website:
  • LinkedIn CEO :

What are the services you offer to your clients?

Ans. Our company is the best choice for all your business needs as we have a team of expert developers for every sector. We also follow a systematic approach to fulfill the client’s desired needs, even if it is complex. We provide qualitative work and also provide the best service even after the product is in use.

In this intensely competitive era, what technologies, services, and project models can give you an edge over your competitors?

Ans. Our team works with the latest and advanced technologies and tools to cope up with the competitive era. We also update the version of the OS to stay updated. For cross-platform app development, we use Xamarin and Flutter technologies. For web and mobile app development, we use Swift, IoT, AR, AI, ML, and much more latest technologies as these are the technologies used in modern business applications.

How has being an entrepreneur affected your family & Social life?

Ans. Undoubtedly, entrepreneurship can bring you lots of bank balance, but giving family time and social time is simultaneously essential in this hectic schedule. We need to make a perfect balance between professional and personal life. Getting family support is also very important to get success in business.

Who do you consider your idol or biggest motivator?

Ans. There are many successful businessmen who I can consider as my idol, but here my parents are my idol and biggest motivator. I can say that I started my company because of their support and motivation.

Share Best 3 applications that your company has created or used for business

Ans. Our company has created many applications, but among them, there are the best 3 applications that I would like to share.

Gujarat Dry Fruit Store:    IOS App Here

Learn How:   Android App

‎Learn How
‎Learn How
Developer: Jaques Abou Rjeily
Price: Free

CabMe:  IOS App

After service is a necessary part of development. How do you provide customer support to your client?

Ans. Customer employment and customer retention can be achieved only by excellent and qualitative services, even after-sales. It does not just help increase the number of trustworthy customers but also enhances the brand’s value. If you provide after services, the existing customers can bring more customers to your business, increasing your revenue. We focus on the following factors.

  • Be friendly
  • Respond promptly
  • Know your product or service
  • Listen to your customers
  • Get to know your customers
  • Ask for feedback

What are your hobbies? What do you do in your non-work time?

Ans. Mostly, whenever I get free time, I spend it with my family, or I spend my time learning something new that will help my business improve it. I also like to keep myself fit by working out.

Have you raised any funding? Or have any plans for the funding?

Ans. Actually, we haven’t thought about it yet, but we have plans to raise funding in the near future.

Give your opinions on how far this app revolution can make a difference in the technology world.

Ans. We rarely went out without having our smartphones, isn’t it? The app revolution has changed our daily routine life, and based on this, we can say that apps are our future. Furthermore, the demand for apps is also increasing rapidly. Therefore, there are no limitations in time for the app revolution to make a difference in this technological world.

What are the latest technologies and tools you’re planning to implement for mobile app development?

Ans. The latest technologies such as IoT, AI, ML, Blockchain, AR, and VR are the technologies that are going to rule the world in the future of mobile app development. We have already implemented these technologies in app development.

What’s your approach to creating interactive and addictive UX/UI of mobile apps and websites?

Ans. UI/UX is the base of mobile applications and websites as it can be the main reason behind the success and failure of the application. As the users will first get attracted to the eye-catching design of the application and then the functions and features of the application.

What are the challenges you see in the outsourcing industry?
Ans. Many factors are challenging in the outsourcing industry. But an essential factor in my opinion, is lack of trust. It is the most challenging factor in the field of outsourcing. I understand that it is not easy to trust any company and give all the confidential information to someone who is not known to us and who is not located in our country or city. There are many other factors such as security, threats, data security, poor quality, minimizing quality over projects, and even the cost of outsourcing companies.

Mention the ways you use to introduce new updates to your team.

Ans. This totally depends on the new updates. In different stages of updates, a leader has to convey some information that might be tough for the developers to understand. At Nevina Infotech, we regularly conduct seminars and workshops for our employees to understand and know about the new updates. We ensure to keep our team updated with all the latest and trending technologies to cope with this competitive world.

What’s your step to enter into the wearable tech & IoT revolution?

Ans. Similar to all the other technologies, IoT and Wearables are also part of future technologies. IoT and AI will emerge as the capability of innovation.

We are set to introduce wearables and IoT in the market with the help of our IT developers. Apart from this, we are also working with the clients on Wearables and IoT.

What are various technologies you used to make this app a reality?

Ans. Augmented Reality is now no longer a new word in this digital world. Every person will be aware of applications developed using AR, such as Pokemon Go, Snapchat, Lenskart, and many more popular applications. Some of the specialized tools can also turn your favorite application into AR.

Our experts help customers understand their project from our point of view to know what they want and how it will look. The development process mainly depends on cost, platform, image recognition, and much more.

Anything you would like to say to our readers, upcoming entrepreneurs, or Startup Companies?

Ans. I would like to recommend to our readers, upcoming entrepreneurs, and startup companies that it is very important to understand and know what is going on in your surroundings and what will happen in the future. You should be aware of every update.

It is also important to add values through which you can determine the methods with the help of which you can add value to your client’s project with the services you will provide them.

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