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Top Tips For Building A Travel Plan App

Traveling is an enriching activity that enables you to gain a wider perspective of the world. It is a great way to push your boundaries and look beyond your limitations. There was once a time when people were intimidated at the thought of traveling by themselves.

Today it has become easier with the advancement in the field of technology. The world has now become a global village making it more accessible and reachable for the common man. You can plan every aspect of traveling, from making flight reservations to hotel bookings, sightseeing, and lots more, through a single click on your smart device.

The advent of smart applications has made it easier for you to plan an entire trip from the comfort of your home. It is a developing niche for prospective investments and is bound to keep growing in the coming years. If you too wish to build a travel plan app, it is surely going to be a successful venture.

Travel apps, in particular, are predicted to have a very high repayment potential. This makes travel app development a lucrative business prospect. You should employ a professional software house to facilitate you in the development process. However, if you are facing a budget constraint, you can always use a discount voucher from DealMeCoupon for exclusive pocket-friendly deals.

Why Invest In Building A Travel Plan App? 

There are a lot many compelling reasons to invest in building an efficient travel plan app that comes with a guaranteed ROI. One of the most important reasons is the number of travel app users that has increased dramatically over the last two years. When you look at the statistical data gathered by different organizations, you will see some very promising numbers.

  • 80% of the global tourists actively use a smartphone travel app to make inquiries about future tours.
  • 77% of all travelers make flight reservations and payments using travel apps on their mobile devices.
  • 65% of tourists suggest providing a chat platform where they can make reservations and plans for future trips.

These numbers are a clear indication of how rapidly the travel and tourism industry is growing, providing countless opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Useful Tips For Building Travel Apps

Here are some constructive tips and tricks that can help you to develop an app that is capable of standing out amongst your competitors and can generate revenue for you. Keeping these few tips in mind can result in a profitable and successful business endeavor.

1- Identify Target Audience

Defining your target audience accurately is the first step towards building a successful app. Not everyone will be interested in downloading your travel app, and for good reason. To rank higher in the app store and to attract more people, you need to conduct thorough research about your potential target audience.

Having important information about your target audience can enable you to offer better and value-enriched propositions to them. Your ideas need to be built around the interests, preferences, income groups, and age of your target market. Whether your potential customers are interested in visiting standard places or exploring new destinations is information that can greatly shape your app.

2- Competitor Research

Everybody spends time and resources knowing their potential customers, but it is equally important to invest efforts in researching your competitors. The app development market is huge and is still growing exponentially. There is fierce competition amongst app developers to see who gets the lion’s share of the market.

Find out about the different strategies employed by your competitors and work towards coming up with a better action plan. See what your competitors are offering, their pricing strategy, and the different functions featured. Aim to develop a better app with added features, better functions, and competitive pricing to stay ahead of the game.

3- Rich Features

Some indispensable features are a must-have when developing a travel app. A travel app is incomplete without these prime elements.

a- Maps

Maps are not only used for finding places or planning your next tour, they can also be used creatively for an enhanced user experience. This could be in the form of interactive maps, which are detailed maps that show a place in real-time. These can be of great use, especially if you are traveling in a foreign country.

b- Itinerary 

An itinerary makes it easier for people to organize their trips efficiently, enabling them to explore more in lesser time while taking care of all the details. Having the option to customize your itinerary is a great way of giving control to your audiences so they can manage it according to their convenience.

c- Reminders 

Travelling can sometimes make you forget important details that can cause a lot of trouble. Apps help maintain your information so that you can always refer to them for assistance. It is even better if that app allows you to set reminders so you don’t have to keep checking your phone repeatedly.

d- Voice Enabled

Gone are the days when we would type and search for information. The modern era calls for advanced solutions that further simplify things for the target audience. Digital assistants and voice search enabling is a function that can do wonders for your travel app.

e- Packing Checklists

It would be great if your app had some unique features like packing checklists, pro traveling tips, flight statistics, etc to add extra features that are not offered by others. This not only gives you an advantage over your competitors but also helps bring in new customers.

Final Thought

Travelling has gained significant momentum as more people want to explore the world and live a life of thrill. This has led to more people being encouraged to take solo trips to their favorite places.

An increasing number of people feel the need to travel alone and independently. This creates the need to facilitate them with tools that can make traveling easier. Travel apps are a great way of empowering ambitious travelers to fly like free birds.

Taking a look into the insights of the travel industry and reviewing the best market examples can help to generate better ideas as to what else you can add to your app to make it stand out from the others.


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