5 Ways LinkedIn Helps in Improving SEO & Organic Visibility

Your company and its employees are well-placed on LinkedIn, but the problem here is, are their presences optimized in the right way? Reports suggest there is a close connection between LinkedIn and Search Engine Optimization.

A well-optimized page on LinkedIn, both for the company and the employees, can improve organic visibility and SEO. Having a LinkedIn company page with the employees’ optimized profiles actively engaged with connections can go a long way in increasing content visibility. This does not just work on LinkedIn but even on the other search engines.

It comes as one of the most effective and useful online networking tools for communicating with a large number of connections. Here you will know about 5 superb ways LinkedIn helps in improving organic visibility and SEO, which further generates business growth. You will also look into how LinkedIn traditionally leverages SEO.


1.  LinkedIn Comes With Its Very Own SEO Potentials

Many businesses and corporate agencies overlook LinkedIn as one of the most important assets for authorizing search engine optimization. What many of these agencies do not know is that LinkedIn comes with its very own SEO potentials.

This social media podium can well be used for improving the SEO of a company site. Since it perpetually works as a social media channel for business professionals, there are huge B2B opportunities available.

SEO on this platform is a real thing, and indeed, it is. Businesses can rank their LinkedIn profiles and even publish articles on this platform by merely using the right strategies most organically.

It is only because of LinkedIn’s very own SEO capabilities that some of the most well-known growth marketing firms specializing in the field of search engine optimization bring in LinkedIn into their organic search strategies.

2.  LinkedIn Improves SEO by Serving as a Search Engine

Many might not be aware of this social media platform because it serves in the form of a search engine to a greater extent. Indeed, it does. If business professionals and companies want to get the best SEO results by using LinkedIn, they will have to view it as a search engine like Google.

With a huge network of experts and loads of quality content, SEO opportunities are almost limitless. It serves as one of the most well-known and useful platforms for B2B companies and even for a link building agency. Such agencies can sue LinkedIn for working on the SEO requirements of their clients.

LinkedIn helps businesses acquire clients, which is why business professionals and companies must optimize their LinkedIn presence for expansion and growth.linkedin


3.  LinkedIn Helps by Generating Social Signals

The content shared on the platform gets shares, likes, and comments like all the other social media channels. But the catch here is that whenever a certain content gets a share, like or comment, strong social signals are released, and they shoot back to the company’s site.

Google uses these social signals in the form of ranking factors. With people engaging more with the specific content and clicking through to the site, there is a message delivered, and that is people value the content and are willing to know more about the company.

Once a person clicks through to the site and releases healthy and engaging social signals, search engine optimization results get better. Nevertheless, it is not very easy to use the platform for improving SEO efforts as the way described above. Companies and business professionals need to invest a lot of time and effort into doing this.

  • They need to start by becoming members of different social groups, probably the ones where they can find their target audience.
  • They also need to join different industry groups and start commenting on the content shared by people.
  • This helps in determining the most popular topics and the most common issues that the buyers have.
  • The next step is to create superior quality content that can address the buyers’ requirements.
  • Preferably, the content should revolve around some of the most important and popular topics.
  • People find valuable content engaging, and as the companies start collecting social signals, their appropriate domain authority and rankings will automatically improve.

4.  Better Audience Engagement on LinkedIn

If reports are to be believed, 40% of the members in LinkedIn visit the platform regularly, and there is around 60% engagement. Now, that’s mind-boggling, isn’t it? The data stands proof of how useful LinkedIn is at improving the organic visibility and search engine optimization efforts of an organization.

Engagement is on the rise at LinkedIn. Shares, likes, and comments are more than 60% every year. The views in the Feed section are also above 60% every year, and the mobile LinkedIn sessions are also on the rise. More than 130 thousand blogs and articles are developed on the platform every week.

Another great thing about this social media platform is that you can find some of the greatest business leaders here. So, both big and small companies can remain assured of finding the right audience on this podium.

There are executives from different Fortune 500 firms, senior-level influencers from across the world, and even people serving decision-making positions in popular companies. Article readers on the platform come from the group of Directors, VPs, and managers.

Yet another thing that sets the platform apart from the other networking channels is that it can attract experts driven to grow their careers and exchange ideas. LinkedIn goes a long way in generating meaningful and useful business results.

Approximately 40% of the traffic generated on the homepage of a company comes from the platform. Around 70% of people use LinkedIn information for making informed business decisions. And yes, around half of the members on LinkedIn have greater chances of buying from organizations when they have already engaged with their social media channels.

5.  Allows Marketers to Target Advertisements to Lookalike Buyers


The platform boasts of an upgraded ad targeting feature that enables marketers to get to the right audiences or consumers. Marketers on LinkedIn can engage in lookalike audience targeting to get in touch with consumers who are the same as their ideal consumers.

The lookalike audiences on LinkedIn blend the characteristics of the ideal customer for a company with the platform’s rich company and member data that helps marketers in marketing to brand new and professional audiences who are the same as their existing consumers, target accounts, and website visitors.

There are large scale benefits that come from the use of this feature on LinkedIn. First of all, businesses can immediately get in touch with high-converting consumers who have already gained an interest in their products and services.

Next, businesses can extend the reach of their marketing campaigns to more knowledgeable prospects. They can easily target their advertisements to additional firms they might not have considered previously.

In LinkedIn’s own words, the platform has helped pilot companies improve their marketing and search engine optimization campaigns by 10x while reaching audiences that matter the most to their products and services.

Wrapping Up

Not just the five ways mentioned above, but there are several other ways of using LinkedIn for improving the organic visibility and search engine optimization of business. LinkedIn helps companies and business professionals get involved with real people, which further helps them set their business as one of the industry’s major parts.

Relationship building starts at LinkedIn, resulting in other sales referrals and content marketing scopes. The platform is not just good for organic visibility and SEO, but many more things in business!

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