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5 Best YouTube App Alternatives for iPhone

For the apple users, here are some of the best YouTube App Alternatives. We analyzed their top feature and why we decided to include them in this top 5 list.


For those who love listening to the music, iTube is one of the leading YouTube App alternatives. Apart from giving you the ability to access your favorite video, you can also create your playlist. With iTube, you also have the ability to play the music on background. The Cache Mode feature is ideal for the users who want to watch their videos offline but don’t want to download it.


MyTube is an iOS app that can be downloaded for free. This is one of the YouTube App alternatives that you can use to download copy and play your favorite videos in music. This means that you can now watch your videos offline by downloading them on your iOS gadget (iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone). One thing that makes it great is the easy navigation system that makes it ideal for any type of users. Furthermore, it also allows you to play the audio music on the background. It comes with a share option that allows you to share it with your social networking account. You can also watch the videos through Smart TC through their AirPlay Support.


McTube also allows the use to play audio on background. It comes with an elegant and classic layout. In case you want to save on data, the YouTube App alternatives allow you to change the setting to play only the audio of the video. Cache mode is also ideal for offline viewing.


NetTube is not as popular as others, but it is as functional and efficient in playing YouTube and Soundcloud videos. It is an app designed primarily for music. In this app, you will be able to watch, share and download YouTube videos. Sleep Setting allows you to turn off the music background in a specific amount of time.

5. Tube Player

Tube Player is another great YouTube App Alternatives designed for iPhone. It has the mixed theme of the classic iOS interface and the YouTube platform. Unlike some of the apps listed on this list, it may probably take a while before you can get used to this app.

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