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What are the top 5 differences between typescript & Java Script

JavaScript was introduced by JavaScript developers as a client-side programming language when it was first developed. Several web design London companies quickly adopted JavaScript as a client-side programming language. JavaScript became more complex and heavier as JavaScript grew. JavaScript was unable to meet the requirements of an Object-Oriented Programming Language. JavaScript was unable to succeed at the enterprise level as server-side technology. The development team created TypeScript to fill this gap.

TypeScript and JavaScript can be used at the client end to process server requests and render data on UI. Although both are scripting languages, Typescript has some extra features that make it a superset of JavaScript. This article will explain typescript vs Javascript 2022 and the differences between them.

What are the top 5 differences between typescript & Java ScriptWhat’s JavaScript?

JavaScript is often used in webpages as a component. JavaScript’s web implementations allow client-side scripts to interact with users and create dynamic websites. It can be used to program object-oriented functionality and is easily interpreted.

JavaScript has one of the most significant advantages: it doesn’t require expensive development tools. It is possible to start with something as simple as Notepad for your text editor. It is a language that can be interpreted within a web browser, so you don’t need a compiler.

Characteristics of JavaScript:

These are some of the key features of JavaScript.

  • JavaScript is supported in all web browsers, as they provide a platform to run.
  • JavaScript adopts the syntax and structure C of the computer language C wholesale. It may therefore be classified as a “structured program language.”
  • JavaScript is a programming language that is weakly typed. This means certain JavaScript types are automatically cast depending on the operation.
  • In JavaScript, inheritance is handled by using prototypes rather than classes.
  • JavaScript can be used on many operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and others.
  • JavaScript is often used to create interactive web pages. JavaScript is used to create interactive web pages. It has many primary uses, such as client-side validation and creating dynamic drop-down lists, including date and time features.

What’s TypeScript?

TypeScript is an object-oriented, strongly typed, compiled language. It is a superset JavaScript. The typescript was created and promoted to address some problems with JavaScript, such as the inability to handle object orientation concepts, lack of strong type checking, and compile-time error checking.


These are some of the most notable features of TypeScript.

  • The TypeScript compiler converts instructions written in TypeScript into their JavaScript equivalent.
  • TypeScript uses the same basic building blocks as JavaScript. It also supports all other JS libraries. TypeScript works with JavaScript.
  • TypeScript-generated JavaScript allows you to reuse all existing JavaScript tools, frameworks, and libraries. You can rename a valid “.js” file to “.ts” so it can be compiled with other TypeScript files.
  • TypeScript can be used across all browsers, devices, and operating systems. It runs in any JavaScript environment.
  • JavaScript is an interpretable language. TypeScript will compile the code and generate compilation error messages if it finds syntax errors.
  • TypeScript supports object-oriented programming concepts such as classes, interfaces, and inheritance.


Javascript is essential for web design London developers. Without it, it can be challenging to use Javascript. You can understand the importance of Javascript by looking at the following areas.

Javascript has opened up a new realm of interactive web pages with the introduction of Javascript. We all know HTML displays static content, and CSS assists in styling web pages. These pages can be made interactive by Javascript.

Below are some additional features:

Javascript allows you to accept and validate user input.

Javascript is also able to display animations and dynamic content on a website.

Javascript offers additional features such as hover interactivity and drop-down menus.


Typescript, an object-oriented programming language, is a subset of Javascript. Below are some important points to understand the need for Typescript.

  • Typescript is required due to JavaScript’s shortcomings.
  • A typescript is a tool that can be used to develop large applications.
  • The language also supports static typing. Static typing checks whether a variable type is correct during compilation. This feature allows you to identify Type issues and fix them at compile time.
  • TypeScript code is converted to JavaScript code before execution. Typescript programs are portable across browsers and operating systems.
  • Typescript has additional benefits that go beyond JavaScript’s features. These facts make Typescript very popular with programmers.

Difference between TypeScript and JavaScript:

  1. JavaScript allows you to create interactive web pages using a scripting language, while Typescript is a subset of JavaScript.
  2. Typescript code must be compiled, but JavaScript code does not need to be compiled.
  3. TypeScript supports prototyping, while JavaScript does not.
  4. Typescript uses interfaces and types to describe the data being used, whereas JavaScript does not have such a concept.
  5. Typescript can create consequential types with JS features and generics for large projects. JavaScript is ideal for smaller projects.

Why JavaScript?

  • Open-source project under Microsoft patronage
  • Specially designed tool to handle small scripts
  • Supports interfaces, classes, and modules.
  • JavaScript compiled runs in any browser
  • Allows cross-compilation
  • JavaScript can be extended to write large apps
  • Supports classes, interfaces, modules

Why TypeScript?

  • TypeScript supports JS libraries & API documentation
  • It is a superset JavaScript
  • This is an optionally typed scripting language
  • TypeScript Code can easily be converted to plain JavaScript code
  • Improved code structuring and object-oriented program techniques
  • Allows better development time tool support
  • It can expand the language beyond what the standard decorators (async/await) allow.

The advantages of TypeScript over JavaScript:

  • TypeScript always flags compilation errors during development (pre-compilation). This makes it less likely to get runtime errors, while JavaScript is an interpretable language.
  • TypeScript supports strong and static typing. This allows type accuracy to be checked at compile-time. JavaScript does not support this feature.
  • TypeScript is JavaScript with some extra features, i.e., ES6 features. Although your browser may not support it, the TypeScript compiler can compile files to ES3, ES4, or ES5.

The disadvantages of JavaScript over TypeScript:

  • TypeScript generally takes time to compile code.
  • JavaScript is most well-known for its use in web page development, but it can also be used in many other environments. This JavaScript Tutorial and JavaScript examples will help you learn JavaScript.


It is easy to see that JavaScript and TypeScript have different strengths and weaknesses.

JavaScript is not a complete coding language, but it can be used in conjunction with HTML to improve the quality of web pages. There are many JavaScript-certified developers.

TypeScript is the preferred choice for developers looking to create clean, beautiful, readable code. TypeScript also offers live-error checking and static typography benefits.

However, TypeScript is not yet native to all internet browsers, such as JavaScript. So when choosing between TypeScript-JavaScript, you can refer to the above guide.

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