Outstanding & Advance Features For Taxi Booking App Development In 2020

There is no doubt in the fact that Uber has reached tremendous heights of success with its taxi booking app development. And so more and more people and businesses are now driven towards developing and creating something similar. And for this creation, it is necessary to know what all features are required to develop such an application. An Uber-like app development might seem easy if we judge by the user interface of the Uber app. But this is not the case.

Many things come into play when an individual or a group of people, even if a large corporation wants to build something like that. Complications that might come up can be like different development for different operating systems such as one for Andriod and one for iPhone application development.

Some other questions for which you need to find answers necessarily could be, the time duration for the development of such an app? What are the resources required and where you can find them? What are some of the features that you must add and which are the ones that are not necessary to add? And most importantly what are those traits that will help you intensify the reach and growth of your app?

In this article, we are trying to give you almost all the information that you require for the Uber-like app development.

 Some Basic Features

 The first to note is that there is not just one application but two different applications:

  • One for the rider
  • One for the driver

So the features to be included need to be decided accordingly.

Secondly, for a taxi booking app development like the uber app, we need to incorporate all the features that it has especially the important ones along with some new interesting features that would not only draw more and more people towards our app but also increase the efficiency of the by app many folds.

Now let’s list all the features that are basic and must-have for a taxi service app.

 List of the features to be inculcated in the Driver’s app

  • Driver Dashboard – Dashboard is a must as this is where all the information to the driver is represented.
  • Ride Requests – A most basic feature, this is the purpose of the whole business to provide taxi service.
  • Trip information – this is important as the driver needs information that is provided automatically because he/she might not know about all the places to which the driver needs to go.
  • Customer Rating – Augmenting feedback is required in each and every sort of service as this is what helps in the growth.
  • Start/End Trip – The is important to calculate the exact fare without any mistake.
  • Track Earnings – With this the driver can keep a record of his earnings on how he/she can improve and earn better and provide better service.
  • Navigation – This is the most vital feature without which this service would be just like a roadside auto.
  • Contact Passenger – This feature helps in locating the passenger better apart from the navigation help.
  • Accept/Reject Rides – Another basic feature to help choose the appropriate ride for the respective customer/passenger. Accepting a ride whose pickup location is too far will not be beneficial as the passengers also need fast pick up.
  • Availability options – the available options are required to work smoothly and provide an efficient service.

All of these features will be maintained with one Driver account. This one single account needs to provide all of these features and a few others so that the app we will develop is more advanced.

List of the features to be inculcated in the User’s app

Now let’s go through the features to be included in the User’s app.

  • Fare Estimate – The first and foremost thing that the user wants to know is the amount that will cost him or her for the ride he or she needs to take and depending on that the user will choose to go for it.
  • Notifications – The user should be updated with the new features and improvements in the app along with other notifications.
  • Reviews and Ratings – This is important as the customer will want to know the quality of service that he or she can expect from the driver. Also, they can give their feedback as well.
  • Trip history – This helps the user keep a track of rides that he or she has taken so far and helps him or her in calculating the expenditures regularly.
  • Help and Support – Most of the customers will be new so they would want to know at least a few things initially. For this and for future reference of the customer, this feature is integral.
  • Car waiting Schedule – This makes the passenger believe in the service provider increase more and more as he or she will be notified with proper schedules.
  • Cancellations – It happens most of the time that the passenger plans for the rides may cancel. So this feature must be available as nobody wants to spend their money when the purpose is no longer there.
  • Contact Driver – This option should be available as navigation is helpful but the exact location, especially at the time of pick up, can be told through contacting the driver.
  • Multiple payment modes – Another important feature required with the growing modes of payment that are available these days. People prefer to use the digital modes of payment nowadays so it must be provided.
  • Booking rides – Without the presence of this feature, the whole functioning will stop. So it is a must-have.

And just like all the features for the driver have maintained through the driver’s account, similarly, a user account will be required so that the customer can use these and as well as other features that would be added in the future.

Last but not Least

Some other features that could be added to enhance the app are the facility such as the client can book now for a ride taken at a later period of time and others are a mobile wallet, Panic button, referral rewards and option to spilled fare among many more.

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