How To Embed Instagram Feed On Website and What it is?


Instagram is the most sought after social media platform nowadays. From marketers to users, it has over 500 million active people who do not let a day pass by without scrolling their feed. It also allows for smooth global connection and brands get broader exposure in terms of social reach and demographic product requirements. 

A website is an excellent and prime platform for a business to channelize the unlimited reach of social media content. In the digital era, users practically live their maximum time over social media platforms. A quintessential website could not meet all requirements as far as product displays are considered. Instagram feeds on website bring profits to a business.

What Is An Instagram Feed?

Instagram feed is the collection of Instagram posts on a business or a user account that could be displayed as a single feed over any other digital platform, websites being the primary one.

Through visual content, audiences get to know about brand products and the kind of relation a business shares with its customers. This fosters healthy communication and brand trust among consumers. 

By banking on a people-centric approach rather than product-centric, a business could instill a sense of connection in its users. This could be effectively done via an Instagram feed on a website 

Why a Website Needs To Have Instagram Feed

Users want to know more about the product rather than the listed features of the website. They want to explore more reviews than customer testimonials. They crave genuine pictures, stories, and videos to even think about buying a product. This is where Instagram swoops in. 

Being the largest visual social media platform, it is none less than a wide ocean of opportunities for your business. By linking the Instagram account with a website, you can fetch feeds from the account and display brand authenticity to website visitors. 

So, when a business chose to add an Instagram feed on the website, it not only amplifies the design aspect but also maximizes its user-engagement that keeps a visitor coming back for more! 

Ways to Embed Instagram Feed On Website

Here’s how Instagram feed could be feed over the website –

By Using Instagram Embed Code

What truly makes Instagram perfect is its multi-functionality. Besides, providing a ground for interaction among users, it also offers various features for the businesses to make their brand shine. One of the significant tools that Instagram offers is an embed option. 

Through this feature posts from Instagram could be placed directly on the website via HTML. All you have to do is select the specific post that you want your visitors to see on the website, and choose the embed option available on the post. 

Instagram will generate an embed code for the selected post and you can copy the code and paste in a website backend. 

It’s a relatively simpler way to embed Instagram posts on the website but it does not allow more than one post at a time to be displayed on the website.   

Introducing an Instagram widget on a website

On contrary to the Instagram embed code feature, there is one more way through which businesses could not only embed theaInstagram feed on the website but also moderate the content and fetch the feed automatically. 

It’s quick, easy and efficient. It’s an Instagram widget. 

Every time a visitor comes over the website, he/she will not see the same redundant feed that was there the last time they visited. As posts are updated in real-time, it encourages interaction and customer engagement. Users are hooked with the dynamic visual content that your site has to offer which also boosts website performance. 

Many social media aggregator tools facilitate user-engagement over the website. Embedding Instagram widget through such tools helps in easy curation, moderation, and customization of the Instagram feed. Social media aggregation over a website could be done by pasting the embed code generated using such tools and voila! 

By using the Instagram widget on the website, brands could integrate real-time feed and make the website stand out because of its responsive design. Businesses could also make the best use of the user-generated content which is nothing but content posted by brands’ users over social media about their customer experience. 

It is considered as the most authentic content that businesses could leverage in their marketing campaigns.

Also, using the Instagram widget on the website boosts the unstoppability of the products as visitors could see the genuine pictures of users like them. As all their reservations about product quality are resolved, they are more likely to buy the product! 

Showcase screenshots

An effortless, swift and but obvious way to display Instagram feed on a website is by taking screenshots of your Instagram page. The screenshots of the Instagram posts could be embedded in the website, without interfering with the Instagram API. 

It is a great way to secure Instagram posts and stories as sometimes they are deleted or expires. 

However, there are only so many screenshots a person can take and embed it on the website. Though easy to understand and follow, taking screenshots makes the process tedious with time. Also, the picture quality tends to degrade in screenshots so the displayed content over the website might lack some vibrancy! 

Through Instagram Feed Plugin

Instagram has its own plugin to ensure easy activity over digital platforms. If a website is built over WordPress than by installing an Instagram plugin in the backend, one can display the feed from Instagram on the website. Activating the Instagram plugin that appears on the lower-left corner of the landing page could be done by linking the Instagram page. By clicking over the plugin button, one will be directed to the Instagram sign-in window, where after putting the account credentials, one can access the entire Instagram feed. 

After authorizing Instagram, a shortcode provided by Instagram is added to the website backend. Few Instagram widgets also cater to content moderation and customization needs of the website as per its layout.


Instagram feed over the website has become one of the must-haves of marketing strategies. It might sound like a mammoth task at first, but by employing the above tools, one could simply integrate the Instagram posts on the website.

It not only adds to the functionality and aesthetics of the website page but also engages the visitors and drives conversions through UGC. Over time, website visibility increases and the brand gets a stronger foothold in the market. So, to go beyond your competitors, select one of the mentioned ways and integrate Instagram in website display right away! 

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