How much does it cost to make an android app?

Making an android app is the basic requirement of your business. The cost is the biggest factor, which annoys the business owners while scooping different options. There are many companies in the market where you can consult the android app development cost, but no cost estimation can be called true.

The most accurate estimate can be made if you jolt down the requirements on the paper and then try to examine the cost of each of them separately. This way you can get the total cost estimation along with the proper understanding of important and unimportant features.

The cost estimation needs a little research because there are a lot of effects elements, which add to the cost of mobile application development. Few amateurs try to develop the app on their own, where it costs them nothing, but later, it gives you neither users nor earning. For developing the capable application, you need to have enough expertise and experience.

The competition is tough and every business irrespective of size and scale wants to grab the larger segment of the market with the Android app. To hire the right mobile app development company, you first pay attention to the number of skilled developers, designers, and quality analysts. Once you have chosen the company, the most important break you get is at the cost. The actual concern starts here.

How much does it cost to develop an android app?

It is a common question, which arises from every scale of startup and medium level enterprises. The answer to this question is always obscure. Regardless of the scale of the brand, the cost of the final product depends on the app elements, and the type of app according to your business requirement.

If we take a rough estimate of an average app, the cost of development ranges between $15000 to $40000, where the hourly average rate is around between $15-$25 for a reputed company.

As earlier mentioned, the above figures are just an estimate, the real cost depends on the technical specification, functions, properties, and features. Also, the cost is greatly affected by the company, which builds an app.

If you hire a freelancer developer, the cost may go down, whereas if you hire a professional development company, the cost slightly goes up.


Here we have tried to sum up the rough estimate, where the cost is estimated over the average rate of good app development companies because they are the most reliable partner if your project needs success. The mobile app development needs the introduction of different features to be run on different devices.

The cost of mobile app development is based on the following tasks:

  • Wireframe, SRS and Feature List
  • User engagement
  • UI & UX design
  • User sign-in process
  • Payment gateways
  • Third-party plugin
  • Cross channel functioning.
  • Location-based services
  • Live chat features
  • Number of devices

For different devices and platforms, the cost varies accordingly. If you have your functional app built over iOS, you can save 30 percent of your cost and work. Because UI and designs have already been developed and you need to do further work?

Nevertheless, for making the app work similarly over both platforms, cross platform app development is the best option to go for. The basic apps do not cost much, where the app like twitter, Uber, and Instagram costs higher. Also, high-costing apps give a higher ROI.

UI and UX design:

If you require adding the animation, visual feedbacks, custom navigation, and 3D effects, you need to hire an android app developer and the price goes up and down as per the features.

UI and UX is the most important factor in the success of an app. The cost is calculated based on the number of working hours multiplied with the average cost per hour.

Third-party plugin:

The integration of third p[arty plugin makes your app more capable If you want to add some extra features for your app, third party integration avails you the desired services.

For example, real-time chat integration and social media enabled services to take around 30 more hours of development. Where the cost goes up with 30 hrs * ($15-$25).

Navigational and location-based services:

Apps like Uber and delivery apps require navigational services. This helps the user in tracking their order and delivery person to get the right navigational path.

For location-based services, few more hours of development are required and therefore it raises the cost further up with 15-20 hrs. The cost goes around (15-20) hrs * ($15-$25).


The most reliable method of making brand reputation is to increase positive feedback and reviews. The customer tends to read reviews before opting for any service, therefore, it is important to incorporate the rating feature in your app.

The rating requires around 30 hrs of development, which raises the cost further with 30hrs * ($15-$25).

Promo codes and discount:

Discount offers are the age-old method to market the product and call more customers. Customers love to shop from places, which save their valuable dollars.

Generating promo code for the customers forces them to come again. The add-on service takes additional 10-15 hours of development, which increases the cost to (10-15) * ($15-$25).

What are the factors for the cost of mobile app development

The cost of mobile app development is not only affected by the development hours, but also with the number of influential factors. It includes the effort to find the talent, the complexity of the project and post-development support and maintenance.

The scale of the Android App enlarges and shrinks the size of the development team. The development team includes one solution architect, business analyst, app developer, UI/UX designer, quality analysts. All are essential for the proper functional app. Better the UX and properties, the costlier the app becomes.

  1. Technical intricacies
  2. Back-end development
  3. Niche Third-party Plugin
  4. Payment gateway integration
  5. Hardware
  6. Custom interface
  7. Post-development cost

Technical intricacies

The plethora of features makes an app more complicated. The advanced features of an app necessitate the algorithm building, which also takes enough development time. In addition, the experienced resources are engaged over the project, which increases the development cost per hour.

Back-end development

If you require a powerful app with the huge amount of data being transacted from client to server, then you also need to synchronize the data. A large amount of data is always recommended to be stored over the cloud.

This way, you certainly need a powerful backend, which can handle a large amount of data and make smooth transactions. It entails building the complex architecture.

Also, the backend needs the coding over different programming languages that further demands the skillful developer or need to outsource the project.

Niche Third-party Plugin

Niche third party plugin is a good way to speed up the development. These integrations especially niche one provides the inconsistent documentation. This leads to the extra time investment to puzzle out the document and integrate it into an app. You need to pay an extra fee for the same.

Payment gateway integration

Making the app richer, the business owners always try to cater as much option as available for the audience. Each additional payment option costs you an extra amount. The third-party integration of payment gateways such as Google pays, PayPal and Braintree ads a few dollars more on development cost.


Most of the apps today are integrated with the hardware and make the network of devices. These applications are made with extensive research and effort. For testing the application and building the app, the developer needs to purchase the hardware. The cost of hardware is also a significant part of development costs.

Android has a wide market and there are many devices in the market running over Android. For choosing one device to focus there are three influential elements:

  • The relative size of the market
  • The popular device on the market
  • Client’s preference

More devices do mean more development time. The app for a variety of screen sizes is essential because of the versatility of the market. However, if you choose only a single device and hire an android app developer with less experience, the cost of development does not go further up.

Custom interface:

Custom interfaces ate built from scratch. When the custom interfaces are built, they take an extra effort and time, because they are complex to code, whereas the elements and interface built with the standard components are less complex and take less time in development.

Post-development cost:

The cost of the android app does not solely depend on the actual programming time and skills, the post-development maintenance and cost plays an important factor. Just like other business assets, the app also demands maintenance and support. Also, marketing and legal support ensure app success.

Let’s look at the average cost of development over a different part of the world:

  • US and Canada: $50-$250 per hour
  • Australia: $50-$150 per hour
  • Western Europe: $35-$170 per hour
  • Eastern Europe: $20-$150 per hour
  • South Asia: $10-$00 per hour


The cost of android app development is the gradual process, where the variable features increase the cost. The scalable application can start with the basic and then can be increased as per the need of business.

Also, geolocation is an influential factor while development. This is why the projects are outsourced to the south Asian market, because of the cheaper resources. However, keep the quality in mind. Quality apps run longer and support your business for long. Few bucks can add many customers.

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