How Mobile App Development is Empowering Digital Marketing

How Mobile App Development is Empowering Digital Marketing

With the availability of resources, it’s getting easier for businesses to churn out cutting edge mobile apps. Due to this, the market is overloaded with an abundance of apps. It is a challenging scenario for businesses as well as customers. For businesses, retaining existing customers and acquiring new ones at the same time is expected.

They have to maintain a balance between these two to make sure their business is up and running. For customers it’s a different story altogether, they have so many options to choose from that they are bound to make a mistake every now and then. They expect an app that provides 24X7 support, flawless service, transaction, and overall user experience.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are two fields that the developers have started dabbling in order to cope up with the soaring expectations and dynamic demands. AI and machine learning help in providing a hassle-free and seamless user experience by empowering the developers to build smart apps.

All this is possible because AI learns customer behavior, shopping trends, demands, and likes based on their history. This helps organizations to comprehend their customers and segment them in order to provide a personalized experience.

All these new technologies and methods are supporting developers to create mobile apps that are intuitive and intellectual. They react based on their learning rather than just prompting monotonous responses. From robotics, data mining, finance, and e-commerce, machine learning is becoming a huge part of all these areas by fine-tuning the process to derive improved results.

It is a boon for e-commerce and full-service digital marketing agencies as it helps them track and target their desired customer base. But what role do apps play in it? Let’s read ahead.

What is Digital Marketing all about?

While building an online brand image, there is a vast variety of assets and tactics under digital marketing that you have to cover. Blog posts, white papers, online brochures, social media, email marketing are some ways apart from your website.

All the above-mentioned aspects are free apart, almost. However to reach your target audience you have to dabble your hands in paid marketing. The most efficient mobility solutions and practices for paid digital marketing are Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay-Per-Click, Affiliate Marketing, and Email Marketing.

Utilizing the above-mentioned assets and tactics can help you reach your target audience online. However, digital marketing is ever-changing and the tools that are currently responsible for it are mobile apps. Mobile apps, as a channel for marketing, are underestimated by a lot of marketers. Without keeping up with the trends of digital marketing, businesses can not reach their marketing goals.

Even though, as mentioned above, digital marketing is an ever-changing and constantly evolving world. But with advancements in technology, mobile apps are also working as a game-changer in this scenario.

The influence that mobile apps and smartphones, in general, have on our lives is undeniable. We are constantly using them even when we are sleeping. This constant usage is what has made mobile apps a great way for businesses to market themselves. Mobile apps have made sending emails, online information search, online purchases and client connections much easier.

The influence is so great that some e-commerce sites and businesses are going for mobile/ app-only platforms. The reason is that 85 – 90% of users access their services via mobile apps only. Don’t get us wrong websites are still important, however, the power of mobile apps can help transform any business for sure. The user experience is much smoother and relevant when it comes to granting access for shopping links etc. Как и в случае с пополнением, сайт БК предлагает выводить средства на банковскую карту, условие вывода: минимальная сумма – 100 рублей, максимальная – 110 тысяч. mosbet На данном этапе можно выбирать любой из вариантов. В любом случае при входе в аккаунт нужно будет открыть профиль.

How are mobile apps empowering digital marketing?

1) Provides Personalized Experience:

Apps help you give a personalized experience to your customers. The data you collect from the app using Machine learning helps gain access to critical details about customers like:

  • Segmentation based on their past behavior
  • Their budget, you can target offers accordingly
  • What are their likes, needs and dislikes
  • What time they are more likely to buy your product or use your app
  • Apps they have installed on their devices.

You can segregate and categorize your customer base once you are equipped with this data. You can then get to the art of communication and interaction with a personalized tone via mobile apps. Like, address them by their name in push notifications and other in-app communications while giving them offers that they find worthy.

2) Lead generation based on User Behavior:

Psychographic and demographic attributes of users can help provide relevant recommendations. These attributes may include but are not limited to gender, age, geographical location, search requests made often, app usage patterns, etc, combined with their purchase history, budget, product preferences and so on.

E.g. If your mobile app was developed keeping male audiences in target yet the female users are more, you can work on retaining the current users and work on the aspects that have resulted in a dip in your targeted audience.

3) Improved Authentication and Controlled Fraudulence:

While online digital marketing can and does target a lot of diverse user bases, you can never know if the audience you are reaching out to is genuine or not. However, mobile app development along with AI and Machine learning takes charge of app security and authentication. It can be done via fingerprint recognition, image recognition, linking their accounts with proper unique identification documents, etc. This will ensure that the users you are getting on board along with the potential leads generated while targeting them online was not a complete waste of your time and money.

Summary :

As mentioned above, to make sure that your product reaches the audience, digital marketing is essential. Digital channels like social media, search engines, email marketing and advertisements on third-party apps help you target your audience. But mobile app development takes this targeting to another level.


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