7 paid iPhone apps you can download for free today

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Want to turn your iPhone into a photo booth? How about solving mysteries in an ancient pyramid? Or what about using your phone to make sure that you don’t overwork yourself during the work day? We’ve got all that and more in today’s list of paid apps gone free, which you can find conveniently listed below.


Normally $0.99.

4tomatic is a photo booth camera application that makes you fun to take four frame photos. Amazing and wonderful selfie!

If you start the app and press the shutter button at the bottom, 4 photos are automatically taken.
See the signal lights on screen well and make a great face!
After all the 4 photos are taken, the photos are printed together with animation.
Set the color of the frame, and save after changing the filter or share with your friends.

Download 4tomatic


Normally $9.99.

Focus is a beautiful and flexible productivity app. It’s deceptively a simple app that clears out menus and other clutter to let you focus on what’s important — getting your ideas down before the inspiration fades. It’s also easy to keep these ideas and inspirations relevant however the forefront of attention at all times.

Focus is more than just beautiful and distraction free space to work through. It has advanced features to satisfy even the most demanding of power users.


We’d love to answer your questions or just hear what you think about Focus.

Download Focus


Normally $1.99.

Besides having 36 amazingly versatile, high-quality filters and a buttery-smooth interface, Fotograf does a bunch of useful things your other photo apps don’t, including:

– Allows you to make your own presets by tweaking built-in filters or saving a set of adjustments as your own custom filter.
– If there are, say, 3 filters that you use all the time, save them each as their own custom presets (without any additional adjustments) and they’ll show up at the very front of your list of filters for easy access at all times.

– Use our desktop app, CameraBag Photo, to fully craft your own filters using a huge array of adjustment tools, and import them for use in Fotograf.

Download Fotograf

Legacy 2 – The Ancient Curse

Normally $1.99.

Test your intelligence and memory in this challenging 3d puzzle game. Keep your eyes open, the solution is there. Can you escape the pyramid?

Play as an archaeologist who sets out on an adventure to find your brother who’s gone missing in an ancient pyramid filled with rooms and puzzles. In the pyramid you encounter riddles and puzzles that need to be solved to take you to the next room, and hopefully an escape.

Gorgeous and natural looking locations designed with simplicity in mind creates a compelling and mysterious atmosphere.

Download Legacy 2 – The Ancient Curse

Real Drum Pads Studio

Normally $0.99.

Real Drum Pads Studio is a music recommendation app, drum & bass is one of the most important rising figures in electronic scene worldwide.

Drum and bass also jungle often abbreviated to d&b dnb drum n bass is defined by its focus on fast syncopated breakbeat drum patterns and heavy sub basslines, encompasses influences from many other styles of music such as from dub and reggae to jazz and funk, liquid and minimal drum and bass to neurofunk & tech step.

Download Real Drum Pads Studio



Simply avoid the bars to keep the flow going – tap to change direction and try avoiding the inevitable…

How far can you get?

Download Superflow!


Normally $0.99.

WorkBreaker is a simple, but beautiful work timer, that will make you more productive and stay healthy with its highly customizable options!


+ Easily setup timers for work sessions, breaks and long breaks with innovative and easy-to-use controls
+ Get notified via local notifications with ambient sound effects
+ The today widget helps you to quickly access all important information from anywhere
+ Highly customizable: Individually set the duration for work sessions, breaks and long breaks

Download WorkBreaker

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