7 Helpful Tech Updates to Consider for Your Small Business

7 Helpful Tech Updates to Consider for Your Small Business

Knowing which tech innovations are right for your business can be confusing, especially if you don’t have time to sort through the massive amount of small business tech information available online. That’s why we’ve put together this guide filled with some of the latest tech tools that can make life as a small business owner easier. Some can even make turning profits easier, so consider these tech upgrades for your small business.

 Dropshipping Capabilities

 If tech can make you money, you definitely want to consider investing in it. One example of revenue-generating tech is dropshipping, which can be a side business with very little startup investment and no requirement for additional inventory space. With a multitude of dropship products to choose from, including cell phone accessories, electronics and even drones, you should be able to find products that fit nicely into your current small business inventory.

 Social Media Automation Tools

 By now, every small business owner recognizes the power of social media for boosting sales, but harnessing that power can take considerable work. This is especially burdensome for small businesses that need to manage a social media presence across multiple platforms. Instead of spending the bulk of your time on social media though, you can use social media tools to automate processes for each platform and improve the effectiveness of your marketing plan.


Task and Team Management Services

 Spending too much time on a single task, like social media management, can take away from your productivity and that of your staff. This is why savvy small business owners and managers are looking to project management software to help them better manage workflows. Each of these productivity tools comes with features that can benefit various types of businesses and work styles, so look for one that’s a good match for your small business.

Business Accounting Software and Tools

 Another small business task that tends to eat up time is an accounting. Proper accounting is essential for the success of your small business, but you don’t need to spend countless hours keeping track of your budget and expenses. Instead, utilize accounting tech that will make this side of the business effortless so you can focus on driving up your profits. Now, when it comes to your taxes, the tech may or may not be the best bet for getting things right. So, weigh the pros and cons of using software vs. experts when preparing your small business taxes.

Small Business Smartphone Apps

Being able to take tech tools on the go can help your small business thrive. That’s why you need to stay informed about the latest smartphone apps and tools that can provide benefits for you, your team, and your small business. Some of the top business apps for smartphones can help you manage expenses, create marketing tools, organize calendars, and even pay taxes. Do your homework to see what smartphone apps may boost your small business the most.

Small Business Gadgets and Tech Hardware

 Apps and software can be a good investment for small businesses, and these tech updates generally come with a low price tag. Actual hardware can also impact the success of your small business, however, so you may want to consider updating your computer systems before you update anything else. Look at the benefits of desktops vs. laptops, so you can decide whether one — or maybe even both — would be good for business. Also, review other gadgets that can help boost productivity and ultimately boost the prosperity of your company.

Small Business Security Tools and Systems

 Last, but certainly not least, think about how tech can keep your business secure. Start by making sure that your small business is using cybersecurity practices to safeguard private data and prevent damaging security breaches. Also, take a look at whether your physical business spaces are secure and review security systems that could protect your office, warehouse, and other business spaces from break-ins, fires, and other potential threats.

An investment in the right tech can be a wise investment for your small business. Use this guide as your starting point and then start doing your own research to figure out which tech updates will provide the most return on investment to grow your small business.

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