5 Apps That Improve Small Business Performance

Small business owners tend to involve low capital investment and strive to generate much greater profit. To fulfill their requirements and to achieve their goals they need a set of strategy with a handful of tools. The tools provide expert assistance to boost accountability, progress, efficiency, and performance of the entire organization. However, as the technological advancements keep on evolving many new apps are introduced which depicts efficiency level equals to that of general tools and software. The apps are easy-to-use and generate potential outcomes. From management apps to accounting one, the stores are full of many innovative apps. You can deal with any corporate matter from anywhere in the world using the app, no matter where you are. No more carrying loads of laptops now!

To guide you about the right apps for your business here is a list below: Keep Reading


Refresh is an app that synchronizes the data and information of people from social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. With such an amazing app you will have the entire information of the person you are about to meet along with the records of your past interactions. You will not have to go back to your notes. Just save every important information with the contact details so that whenever you type his or her name the information will get pop up on your screen.


TrackMaven is a full package of marketing assets. It provides expert assistance in tracking and optimizing your social and content attribution. It helps you make the most out of your content and the post you upload on social media networks. Moreover, TrackMaven offers you a comprehensive analysis of your competitors and provide you such assistance that can help you surpass your rivals. It will make you put your best foot forward with highly competitive strategies.


The professional app helps you keep your team and prospective customer closer. The app helps to strengthen a connection with your people. It helps to segment your contacts while making you able to create follow-up cycles. The more you have connected with your referral the more leads you can generate.

Developer: Contactually
Price: Free


Among the many project management apps, this is the best one. It provides a detailed set of tools to manage and operate your projects, from internal emails to checking the statutes of each task, delegate task to creating charts for tracking progress.

Once you set up, Asana it eliminates the need to use third-party apps or emails to establish corporate communication. Uploading different formats of attachments’, sharing notes, along with organizing tasks is easy-to-manage, which streamlines workflow and reflect time-efficiency. The moment you make changes or assign a task to any employee, the app will send a notification informing to him or her about the update. The users receive notifications in their inbox. The app invites them to respond back by liking or commenting on it. Moreover, to draw the attention of a particular user you can simply add his name as well; this feature helps organizers and managers to keep a particular employee in the loop while assigning the different tasks.

Asana: Work in one place
Asana: Work in one place
Developer: Asana, Inc.
Price: Free


Focus@Will is the best app for improving your focus and bolstering your inner creativity. You might get tired of managing the huge business activities and looking after its complicated operations. In such times, this app will help you to rejuvenate your brain by showing the most appropriate music list. The list is prepared after a scientifically developed quiz, which will detect the possible areas to trigger through the melodious category of music.

‎Focus@Will: Control Your ADD
‎Focus@Will: Control Your ADD
Developer: Dulcetta
Price: Free+

Summing up

These apps will let you prosper at double rates and ensure to increase ROI while boosting the online visibility of your organization. It will not only strengthen your connections but will help you formulate an expert strategy for maximizing revenues.

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