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Digital Purchase Order makes the purchasing workflow much more simple and streamlined. The app version of this product realizes that purchasing managers and decision makers are not always able to be in the office, but are still essential for the purchasing process. The app makes it so that the managers and decision makers can both create and approve purchase orders on their smartphones or tablets while busy at another meeting or on the go. The software helps to guide the purchase order on its route through the chain of approval and is even able to send the final approved order to the vendor automatically after the manger or decision maker has given his or her approval. By default, Digital Purchase Order allows for a csv export. It is also able to integrate seamlessly with accounting platforms such as Quickbooks.

Key features of Digital Purchase Order include the ability to:

• Add attachments to the purchase order
• Approve and create a purchase order through the mobile app
• Review any and all purchase orders as well as their net totals
• Automatically add a purchase order IDDigital Purchase Order lets you customize your settings the way you want them with more than 200 options at your disposal. Visting the website lets you easily edit the administration section.

Digital Purchase Order

More key features of the software include the option to:

• Get a message the moment that the purchase order is approved
• Customize the chain of approval
• A 24 hour option to view the purchase order as well as an reports
• Work with multiple exchange rates and multiple currencies
• Customize the ID of the purchase order
• Hide the number of the purchase order until it has reached the final approval
• Generate a batch print of all purchase orders
• Create unique expenditure types and department names
• Track all payments through the Digital Purchase Order system
• Export the information in the project as a CSV file
• Easily amend the purchase order while maintaining the ID



The Main pros

•The ability to control and track your orders at any time day or night
• An automated approval process
• Ease of use

Digital Purchase Order
Digital Purchase Order


The only con is that you need an internet connection in order to use the app.
USP: Digital Purchase Order is easily the fastest way to track all of your expenses and to have access to any files, quotes, and attachments without you needing to be in the office. The interface is very user-friendly and has won multiple innovation awards. Digital Purchase Order works across multiple offices, branches, and countries; it is also available without requiring a complex setup process.
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