5 Cool Internet of things App which we use in daily life

“Internet of things” shortly known as IoT is the most common term used in technology sectors these days because it helps to connect with the devices quickly to share the information with cloud-based applications to gain major advantages. It is getting bigger and bigger every day allowing people to carry out the tasks without using laptops and smartphones.

The connected devices enable users to capture data and utilize them accurately for sharing. Another thing is that they contribute more to bridge the gap between the physical and digital world with advanced features. IoT is catching up over the recent years in various nations that aim at improving the productivity and quality of life.

IoT also helps to communicate between devices without a human intervention thereby reducing expenses. Smart thermostat, smart refrigerator, and smart locks are some devices where IoT is largely used for ensuring the best performance levels.

IoT consists of all the web-enabled equipment that makes feasible ways for collecting, sending, and acting on data. It even utilizes the applications of communication hardware, processors, and embedded sensors by addressing essential needs.

Benefits of IoT

IoT can transform our lives and the world completely which brings a lot of benefits and some of them include:-

  • Minimizes the costs and increase productivity
  • Ensuring high-quality data
  • Allows to utilize resources efficiently
  • Helps in real-time marketing
  • Enables businesses to fulfill the expectations of customers
  • Decision analytics
  • Real-time marketing
  • Enhances better customer experience

The IoT connected devices generate a considerable amount of Internet traffic for making them more useful one. We can even monitor our homes and family to ensure more protection.

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10 mobile applications use IoT

IoT devices are popping up everywhere enabling us to enhance any physical object with ease. However, it is necessary to know more about the 10 real IoT applications which ultimately show ways for experiencing desired outputs.

  1. Walnut

Walnut is a money management app that can allow us to keep an eye on our money and savings. In fact, the app provides methods for tracking the expenses, dues, and payments with the latest features. The app even gives ways for controlling the expenditure significantly by addressing essential requirements.

It is possible to know the ATM withdrawals and other transactions after installing the app on the mobile phones. We can analyze the financial planning with the app for lowering expenditure to a greater extent. The app allows us to add notes and tags for recording information depending on the requirements. It makes feasible ways for saving the photos of bills and receipts to view them anytime for reference purposes.

axio: Expense Tracker & Budget
axio: Expense Tracker & Budget
Price: To be announced
  1. Remindo

We sometimes forget some important dates like wedding day, birthday, upcoming events, and meetings that can result in several problems. Remindo is an event reminder app that is available at free of cost and we can download the same in our Android and IOS devices.

The user interface (UI) of this app is not a complicated one that can help to set the event reminder in simple steps. Along with that, it allows us to add an audio note for an event which will display anytime. We can even categorize our event based on the themes based on the choices.

Remindo - Event Reminder
Remindo - Event Reminder
Developer: OLBUZ
Price: Free
  1. Wallet TrackR

Wallet TrackR is an app designed for tracking the lost things with cutting-edge technologies. We should attach the wallet TrackR device with our important objects such as keys, cards, and many more. At the same time, it is necessary to make sure that whether a device is compatible with the app before the installation process.

The app is compatible with the Android and IOS operating system thereby giving ways for keeping track of important belongings. Another thing is that it helps to recover the lost items effectively with advanced technologies. We have to pay only for the device that is available in the markets at reasonable prices.

TrackR - Lost Item Tracker
TrackR - Lost Item Tracker
Developer: TrackR Inc.
Price: Free
  1. HealthifyMe

Most of us live a hectic lifestyle and we don’t have time to take care of our health properly. As a result, our immunity levels are reducing which result in health issues affecting the daily lives. HealthifyMe app is mainly meant for carrying out home workouts for balancing lifestyle with ease.

We should enter our height and the weight in the app which allows setting the goals for us accordingly. Besides that, it helps to track the daily meals to evaluate the calories needed for the body. The app provides ways for monitoring the progress levels regularly to lead an active lifestyle. It is an excellent one for the weight loss programs enabling us to burn the fats with high success rates.

  1. HERO

The market is flooded with multiple wearable health and fitness devices. Most of them are using IoT and AI to retrieve, store and analyses our health data. These devices monitor, caloric intake, sleep, heart rate, track activity and many other metrics to help us stay healthy.

Basically, these IoT based devices can be controlled by any third-party app and can be also used to collect information from wearable to devices to mobile phones. In addition to this technology, HERO came up with the smart medication dispensers. HERO is widely used for elderly care. This device allows you to load prescribed pills and monitor the intake. It also shares your health reports directly to your concern doctors which makes the treatment process easier.

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