How to Build an On-Demand Meal Ordering and Delivery Platform: Customer App

With the world turning towards mobile, there are multiple mobile solutions for almost all industries. Smartphones and applications have impacted people lives in several ways. Among such transformations, there is an abundance of on-demand food delivery and meal ordering app development trend is raising. This practice is changing how people used to get their food delivered.

Basically, there are 3 different kinds of food service platforms: order-focused platforms, full-service platforms, and logistics-focused platforms.

Here are some tips on how to develop an attractive customer app.

Registration or Login

The customer starts their journey in the food delivery process from the sign-in page. You can let your users avail the services by entering a few details such as their name, email-id, contact number, username, and password. This way you can keep a track of all the users and offer them personalized services.

The sign-in interface should be user-friendly where customers can easily log-in into their account with just username and password. Along with that, you can provide an option to add credit/debit card details for online payment. In order to add more personalization in the app, you can ask your customers the cuisine they like, their favorite restaurants, and show options accordingly.

Search Food Category

To enable your customers to check what restaurants are offering, you can create a list of menus for every restaurant. It will be the same as restaurants have menu cards for their customers to order food.

You can categorize the entire menu into multiple sections such as Chinese, Indian, Thai, and so on. In case a customer select Indian cuisine, you can offer them other options like North Indian, Bengali, South Indian, etc. apart from that, it can also contain the rating and reviews of dishes.

Moreover, you can directly categorize the food items wherein customers won’t need to scroll down the menu for their favorite dish. All they have to do is to tap the search bar and type the dish name. This will help companies save a lot of time and encourage them to order more often.

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Customized Food Items

You can precisely know that most of your customers use your food ordering app to satisfy their taste buds with different cuisine. So, you can offer customized food or specially made dish for a specific customer will help you built a healthy and more friendly relationship with the users.

For example, if a customer is asking for a desert then you can give the option to add extra toppings or choose multiple flavors. You can mark those demands and serve accordingly.

Along with that, you can also prepare an easy-to-access menu with a list of restaurants that are open in the odd hours like before 10 am or after 11 pm. People can expect restaurants to serve them breakfast, hence a list of such restaurants can be a great help for them. You can follow the same approach for the dinner as well. One thing that you can consider here to charge extra for the customization your customers opt for and it will be added in the final bill.

Adding into Cart

Once your customers have chosen the food item, the checkout process should be easy to understand and manageable. Customers must be able to add or remove items in just a few taps.

After completing the checkout process, customers will get the final amount to be paid for the order. You can also offer your customers to use discount coupons or promo codes if they have any to get more discounts.

One thing to consider here is that the final amount shown to the customers will be inclusive of all the taxes. Along with that, you can show eta when their food will arrive at the destination. It will help customers informed about delivery in real-time.

Mode of Payment

When customers are able to check the overall receipts then they can proceed with the payment part. You should give them multiple payment options to choose from, such as credit/debit cards, net banking, wallets, etc. you can also provide COD, Cash on Delivery option.

Order Tracking

In this real-time world, technology has enabled us tracking food right from ordering to making payment to getting it delivered. With GPS technology, one can track their order with the comfort of their home. Along with customers, GPS technology helps the delivery person find the exact destination.

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‎Domino's Pizza USA
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Reviews and Ratings

One of the most important features that can be added in the customer dashboard is the review and rating process. Nowadays, customers check what others are saying about a place before even going there. With the help of this feature, you can also be aware of the dishes that most people prefer and share with others.

At Last,

With the intervention of the on-demand trend, restaurants are turning towards developing high-quality, user-friendly mobile apps. These food apps are providing details about new as well as old restaurants and the menu they have. These apps also enable them to track the real-time location of drivers, rate the services, and get insights about the time that need for delivering. Hence, getting a well-versed meal ordering app is the most suitable solution to generate desired revenues.

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