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5 Amazing Apps for Data Monitoring in Android

So, you are paying hefty bills for mobile data usage for long-time now and you wonder how to deal with this problem!

Well, the first way to deal with issue is a manual monitoring of data usage on your Android device that usually consumes lot of time & efforts. Next is to use data monitoring apps for instant and effective results. These powerful apps work automatically and offer you great control over data usage to avoid over usage. Let’s discuss some of these amazing data monitoring apps that you should use to optimize your data usage effectively.

Check Data Usage

Use this powerful data monitoring app to keep tab on data usage and to optimize it. This nifty tool helps you monitor data usage both on the mobile and Wi-Fi network. Here, you can set data plans to optimize your data usage. Further, it will send you alerts when you reach maximum data usage limit to avoid overcharges for data consumption. You can use its Optimize Internet function to optimize Internet usage by managing unnecessary tasks. It even helps you clean RAM space and clean cache to improve your device performance. In other features, it helps you customize various settings to track data usage in real time, offers data use chart & summary for better control over data usage. You can use this one of the best data monitoring apps for Android to optimize data usage automatically for better performance.

Data Usage

Data Usage is available on both iOS and Android platforms. You can use this free data monitoring app to track mobile data and Wi-Fi data usage in real-time. It offers widget and predictive forecasting to update you when your data plan will be over. Here, you can set daily data usage quota and monitor data usage using simple and interactive design. It allows you to customize progress bar, launch settings and data unit to improve user experience. It turns different colors to update you about real-time data usage for example progress bar will turn yellow to indicate data usage caution. This smart tool keeps on running in the background to offer you complete data usage monitoring in real-time.

Data Usage
Data Usage
Developer: oBytes, LLC
Price: Free

Data Usage Monitor

Data Usage Monitor is powerful tool that helps you monitor data traffic usage to avoid data overuse. Its automatic data traffic measurement helps you monitor and manage data usage automatically to save your time and reduce manual efforts. It offers precise measurement of the data usage between any time interval. Its easy-to-read statistics interface help you measure data usage in separate formats for mobile usage and Wi-Fi. It also helps you manage data-hungry apps with detail report. Further, you can use its app widget to view data traffic in real-time on your device screen.

Data Usage Monitor
Data Usage Monitor
Developer: Lufesu Inc.
Price: Free+

Data Counter and Speed Meter

The best part of this amazing data monitoring app is that it offers unique live data monitoring feature where you can monitor data usage for apps that you are using right now. Here, you can monitor data usage based on various networks including mobile, Wi-Fi and roaming. For more detailed information, it offers data usage information based on individual apps for better control. Further, you can also use this app to monitor data speed based on network. It offers several time plans at regular alerts when you reach maximum data usage limit. Its highly customizable widget displays all necessary information at your device home screen. In other options, it offers option to add extra data package, adjust UI colors, high accuracy results and more.

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Mobile Data

This smart app not only helps you track mobile data usage but it also helps you save your data and money using data compression techniques. This smart tool works automatically to block apps that you never use and sends you alerts before you hit your data usage limit. Here, you need to turn on this data compression VPN service to compress your data traffic to save mobile data. It allows you to set daily data usage limits so that you can easily monitor data usage and optimize it for better performance. It even allows you to identify and manage data-hungry apps and display beautiful charts and graphs for easy understanding. It offers absolutely simple setup and allows you to monitor both mobile and Wi-Fi data usage.


Data monitoring apps give you greater control over data usage on your Android device. These powerful tools work automatically to help you optimize your data usage both on Wi-Fi and mobile network. Here, we have discussed some of these effective data monitoring apps. If you know more such apps, feel free to comment below.

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