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5 Best YouTube App Alternatives for Android Phone

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We will not be leaving our Android phone readers behind. For the best YouTube App for their gadgets, here are our top picks for this year.


PVSTAR is one of the most unique YouTube App Alternatives since it does not only come with a background support, but it also has a widget for home screen. Aside from that, you also get different features that are not normally offered by the others such as equalizer, search option, and playlist management.


One of the most desirable features of this YouTube App Alternatives is that you will not experience any star-up lag and only a minimum amount of buffering. You can also access the basic stuff that an average app will allow you to do such as manage video, share your video and others.

3. FireTube

For those people who love listening to their music through YouTube, you will find FireTube, the best partner for your music needs. It is primarily designed for audio playback and really easy to use. The video will not be streamed; you will only be hearing the audio of the video. The application will still run on background which will allow you to use other apps.

4. Freedi

Do you want to have an easy control over the quality of the video (low quality for saving data and high setting for amazing videos)? Freedi allows you to have a total control over that. Furthermore, it also comes with a background support for multitasking.

5. Viral Popup

In case you are looking for YouTube App that has the capacity to function on hovering windows, then Viral Popup is your answer. The videos will continue to play even if the phone is in hibernation mode. Unfortunately, it comes with several annoying ads, buying the premium will allow you to eliminate these ads.

These are some of the YouTube App Alternatives that offer the best feature. They all come with a background support and ideal to use for offline viewing.

Ginny is a teacher who is passionate about technology and business. His passion for writing allows him to channel his thoughts on how advancements in tech can better lives, industries and the mobile app sector.

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