Protecting your kid’s psychological health via monitoring applications

While some parents believe that keeping their children physically safe is the best way to protect them, they are sorely mistaken. Their physical health is as important as their emotional well-being and protecting them from the traumatic circumstances associated with the virtual world is and should be one of the top priorities in a parents’ life. However gone are the days when children would voluntarily share feelings, events and thoughts with their parents. There is no doubt that technology has brought comfort in our lives but also increased the risk of health issue. Nowadays, kids tend to bottle up their feelings and hide in a small bubble that they may create for their protection. But as parents we always try to protect are kids from such symptoms. Here is how it can be done via monitoring applications.

Timestamp gadget usage

Some of the latest monitoring applications come with the feature of shutting down specific application after a certain time has been reached. This is done via time stamp technology that allows parents to monitor the amount of time their kids spend on their gadgets. Some applications also allow the same feature for internet usage and hence close down complete browsers after a certain time has been reached. After the gadget/application/browser shuts down, the only person who can revive and open it again is the owner of the monitoring application which is the parent usually.

Internet filters

Placing various different filters on internet sites can help you protect your children from any adult content that would otherwise show up in the form of advertisements etc. After reaching a specific age, kids become increasingly inquisitive and tend to surf the internet for inappropriate content which can adversely affect your kid’s emotional health. Some monitoring applications also allow parents to place filters via complete sentences and keywords.

Monitoring social media activity

The worst form of emotional trauma tends to take place on social media sites. This is usually in the form of cyberbullying or pedophiles that breed on young innocent kids’ emotions and insecurities. However, as a parent, you can keep a look out for any such activities via monitoring applications. If you feel your children is showing obvious signs of depression or avoiding school and other social gatherings then there is strong likelihood that there is something strongly bothering them. With monitoring applications, you can easily identify the problem and rectify it before it gets worse. In the case of pedophiles, you can also report to the authorities.

Limiting all downloads

Kids should not be allowed to download various different applications and content off the internet. However, today children are smart and tend to download things and application through different modes like torrents or streaming links. However, while they may be able to erase all traces of such activity from the gadget in use, a monitoring application creates an online carbon copy of all their activities for later viewership by the owner of the application. As parents, you can also use monitoring applications to block any content from downloading onto your kids’ gadgets altogether as well.

Using gadgets in common areas

Make sure you only allow your teenager to use gadgets in common areas around the house. Such places could include, TV lounges and kitchen counters. The most effective places are said to be kitchen tables and counters as this room is usually the most used and accessible place in the whole household. When kids use gadgets in common areas you can easily keep an eye on their internet activity as you casually pass by them. Also, children will be conscious that they are being watched and will not indulge in any such activities on the internet that may get them into trouble.


The initial years of any kids’ life are the most important years where you can either help build their personality or watch it break down. As parents, we need to understand and put in the maximum effort to make sure our children’s emotional health is never compromised. Therefore, with the help of monitoring applications, parents can today tap into their kids’ interests, likes and dislikes and even social peers to generate a better picture of what they are up to. By knowing who your kid is talking to and spending time with you can determine the outcome of their habits and interests as well. Also, it can help identify pedophiles that may exploit your kid.